Astellia Online (KR) Teaser for Upcoming CBT

Astellia Online CBT Short Teaser. Recruitment starts next month.
I posted some gameplay videos and info on it last year.
The game might have changed since then with new logo & art. — PC — MMORPG + TCG Elements

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Комментариев: 19
  1. Solaire Kun


  2. Arif Faisal


  3. イカロス

    This trailer makes it look like TERA o.O

  4. The King

    another shitty game.

  5. Aldra

    Looks very generic traditional mmo from that teaser but i can't judge it yet, need to see more :)

  6. Saleem Ali

    looks like Tera. hope it has good combat

  7. Jonatas Nogueira

    This could be a good game but for the work of teasing its not doing a good job.

  8. LelianaIsBored

    Nexon? okay, ipblock for me then :c

  9. Lechko

    There is a video from inven, man this game looks horrible >,<

  10. CAMO95

    See Nexon.


  11. John D

    How do people in Korea even keep up with so many mmos.

  12. c0ndu

    Shitty P2W Korean MMO, coming to the west in 2k20. GG.

  13. 123123123123 123123123123

    Doesn't look like it will be open world. Most likely instance based. Plus, Nexon = NOPE.

  14. Acedus

    One game, that is done right, not p2w and is global, one fu**ing game is that too much to ask?

  15. Echonic

    I've seen the gameplay…. it's worse than everquest :/

  16. Philipe de Souza Santos

    I don't like the game, but I like the video anyway because step

  17. DireConsenquences

    Step, will you play the beta and show us? :D

  18. Dash Padrao

    Did u manage to find how to join closed beta?

  19. death imortal

    Anyone could help me, would someone have a korean cell phone number generator for me to receive account sms confirmation in Korean games? Thanks in advance for the help

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