Astellia Online Gameplay Newbie Quests & Party Dungeon CBT2

Starting gameplay w/o prologue and the first party dungeon~!
Classic tab-target combat with summonable cards as a helper. — TCG MMOPRG — Pet System — CBT2

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Комментариев: 30
  1. Ivis Nodovskiy

    омг кому здалась класическая ммо в 2к18 даеш нон таргет

  2. sinistavoicez

    Yo! Is she naked?

  3. IsleofMAN

    gotta wear the sexiest outfit while fighting demons!

  4. izayoi fullbuster

    link pls, i already have account kr

  5. Jenique

    I get Tera vibe from this like literally. The run is Elin run..nothing much like bns

  6. Pistol

    This game shares a lot of the same assets as Tera.

  7. caio oliveira

    What do i need to install This game? What are the steps? Thyyy

  8. Alan

    is target?

  9. star pascal

    seems like a fit game for my potatoes to play

  10. Majki626

    Another fail game :(

  11. mustafa ozturk

    any way to play this game please ?

  12. VEGetAN

    It have automátic attack ? I can leave afk in this game?

  13. owie vrosie

    Looks like aion

  14. Bregal

    Next TERA Online …..shit

  15. fred matus

    i love this game ! ! ! ! plz help me for install it ! thx !

  16. Bee

    Is this new TERA MMO?

  17. Baconalick

    Thanks for the content brother… guys even if the game looks like another it might still be worth trying…. I dont get how people can be like it looks like a mobile game… although tab targeting isnt really for me, I am still going to try it out when it comes west. People dont go to buy a car and say "this car has 4 tires just like every other car… BORING…" definitely seems like it will be worth the while until proven otherwise

  18. V. Vu

    Tera and Blade & Soul have a baby, their ancestors were probably Aion and Lineage 2 => Astellia Online.

  19. phoenixbluex

    Upskirt Online

  20. Freaky

    Looks good but im not fan anymore of tag target combat system..

  21. Sayu

    I hate close-up camera when fighting, it feels like i can't see anythin'

  22. Feon Jun

    Looks like Terra Online too me.

  23. Carlos Hernandez

    steparu senpai, those dungeons have diferent difficulty ? can be farm solo or need party

  24. Kali King

    Auto quest? Im out

  25. Dianos Elle

    This game is litt the same as other mmos change something god damnit

  26. Roei Yehuda

    they really need to stop making "realistic" mmos because it looks awful (imo dont hate on me) and i think that with anime graphics you can do much better combat aswell that will fit the anime genre

  27. cammo353

    The mage auto attack has a 2 second cast timer, what the shit?
    This is some hot garbage

  28. MasterMarv

    when release to EUW ?????

  29. Côrêy


  30. wei ling

    release already but not free cost 40usd for english version at least

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