Astellia Online Female Customization (Scholar) Elf Vampire CBT2

Advanced customization was implemented in this Closed Beta.
Here is a lengthy preview the Scholar character customization. — TCG MMOPRG — Pet System — CBT2

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Комментариев: 23
  1. Lucky Yolo

    Hey. Is there an mmo out currently that you could compar this one to, just to give me an idea of what to expect from this one?

  2. Whye


  3. Sup?

    I spent almost 2 hours customizing my mage… so many sliders. Lips have 30 sliders, eye shape has 30 sliders, …

  4. pozertron

    What's the point of all this graphical fidelity if the hair still looks like it's taken right out of Street Fighter 5, lumps of shit on the head.

  5. D. Pedro II

    Any mmo coming out soon that is pretty like this one?

  6. Ron kevin

    I always admire boobs idk why

  7. julian12465

    Dang. I guess the Korean MMO devs are stepping it up after both Black Desert and Black Desert MOBILE blew them out of the water in customization options.

  8. Nightmare

    Elf Vampire? at least they are original

  9. Jacoby Sloan

    Korea is always making the best games recently that I want to play, at least I'm in japan and I can expect to get it soon later after them

  10. Jacoby Sloan

    25 mins of going through customization randomly, if you were actually trying, it would take maybe a hour ( at least)

  11. MemonY

    какая мерзость. Редактор вызывает отвращение.

  12. Pasha Defragzor

    looks good, there is a places with zfight and graphics looks very stylized and casual, definitely Asian style

  13. Mr. H

    Hi Step :)
    Uhmm this game is pc rite?

  14. Andrius Vičkačka

    Aion 2 ? :))

  15. Яυιɴed Deѕpoт

    ughh this makes me wanna play the game..

    if only i knew korean u_u

  16. Trung Nguyen

    Beauty full girl

  17. Das Institut

    Ugh…..Even if I sit 3 hours on it after 10 second sof playing I find something I want to change…..

  18. EJHC

    If this game lets me do chicks as thick like Blade and Soul I might play this game instead, server optimization in Bns is shet

  19. Sage Pirotess

    Hey I am in teh CBT as well, want to team up and play together? Pirotess is my in gamename

  20. Usui Takumi

    Boobs are too big . 3.

  21. ali speed

    nice sound track
    looks like Bns wonder how bad the optimisation will be

  22. degs73

    graphics sucks!

  23. Nox_Atra Wendigo

    Why is it called elf vampire if vampires have pointy ears to lol… mindfuck to me sorry

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