Astellia Online CBT2 Scholar Main Story Questing

Just trying out the Scholar character and rushing through missions.
New changes in Pet/Card system lets ya summon multiple pets~! — TCG MMOPRG — Pet System — CBT2

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Комментариев: 15
  1. Jerry Senseney

    thanks for the video . its good too see this in beta.i hope it come too the west someday

  2. Etrius

    Loliception Online: The Ultimate Loli

  3. Tywele


  4. Seungsation

    A game where you can keep little girls as pets is a game I can get behind.

  5. Grug

    How much of this game's combat is reliant on those ridiculous summons? I barely see any skills on the bar for the classes. Is it because low level or the game just relies more on NPCs doing the work for you?

  6. youtube account

    do you like the combat?

  7. Bam Boo

    Beautiful graphics, but combat system looks like it from 2010

  8. NeptinX

    Another low budget MMO like Icarus Online with linear questing and no exploration at all. Boring. But your videos are great!

  9. M V G A

    Another game suffering the same issues. They have fairly descent aesthetics, ok interesting world building, combat is fair and yet game lacks something distinct something exciting about it that would make it unique from other games in the genre. The problem of "look-alike-is-alike" PR is very visible in far eastern games which is really sad because they probably worked very hard on it. As art designers do a good job, game directors and game & gameplay disigners have much to be desired to make it truly great.

  10. Marchese Rexxar

    Did they just copy-paste tera's assets? lol

  11. Lathander81

    This looks like it could be good if the handle it right. There are some cool ideas

  12. Mik Mak

    what the hell is up with mmos that has their skill's cooldown cooldown all together

  13. Urfen New

    Thay are so cute !!!

  14. Hekki

    Lol all this korean/chinese mmo all look the same

  15. Neyt0o

    do you playibg on the corean server ? i want this game lol

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