Astellia Online CBT Summons Preview UHD4K

All of the Pokemon’s I collected in the 1st CBT. More Information — PC — MMORPG — TCG Pet System

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  1. Titanic Tuna


  2. Aldra

    Nice outfit but the gameplay looks very basic.

  3. KpopFeels MyJams

    I like the game but they need to fix or redo the combat.

  4. CatOn FireZ

    For me graphic is a great but with a good storyline or quest definitely make the game an amazing product. Lately most devs are focusing too much on graphics and almost never had good storyline left to tell

  5. Cyramiko

    LOL, the problem is "WILL WE ABLE TO PLAY?". KOREAN = IP BAN

  6. Paranub

    One huge archangel!!
    Followed by a plethora of chibi kids and gnome looking things…

  7. iNTIX

    textures and animation are shit looks like 10 year old

  8. Αθανασιος G3A3

    playing BDO, this game must be super to come ;)

  9. Sweet Thing

    Nothing has changed for 7 years. They still have hair made out of wax.

  10. theodorus brian

    pc game or android game?

  11. Akanao

    Can we play NEXON KR games outside KR?

  12. Cereil Silvaire

    I like the playful music, kind of reminds me of Rose Online and thats an awesome thing.

  13. PepinoO

    That "armor" will protect you. lol

  14. Noel Niñal

    This looks promising.

  15. UE

    Summoner war! The open world version.

  16. Gibran Gundul


  17. nino noveloso

    pretty nice game

  18. 1stPCFerret

    OK, so your character is a kindergarten teacher with her own class….

  19. Hung Nguyen

    Waiting for a MMO Chaos Legions or Yugioh! with this summoning mechanic.
     Imagine you collect monsters and build a deck and your hand have max 5 cards. You draw 1 card from your deck every 15 seconds unless your hand full. You can use monster cards to summon monsters to fight with you, Spell to do something like heal, use spell attack, …

  20. WallCallNaw

    Sooooooo……….. Persona?

  21. HyeonSeok Seong

    왜 넥슨이냐 ㅠ

  22. AnGry Catt

    Сиськи есть и главное! остальное уже доп контент!

  23. Jessika

    Crappy, Asian Developer, Cash Grab games really need to die. No offense.

  24. Chris C.

    Is this by the same devs as Tera? It looks exactly the same with upgraded 2017 graphic effects.

  25. GERALD Ryucifer

    Lol , very similar to Blade and Soul , lmao

  26. Miah Jera

    From Nexon? Riip lol

  27. Armies of Exigo

    Another game we will never get to play. Please Corean go fuck yourself

  28. Alchicken

    Steparu has always been to me the kind of guy that says "Hey look a the games I can play and you can not, but may be you'll be able to play them in 5 or 6 years from now you could have access to the closed beta… of course if it releases in NA"

  29. Baldoxxx4000

    Very original….very original especially the boobs

  30. BABYBBUNNY isaac

    For some reason… it feels like Blade and Soul, but with more proportionate bodies? Hmmm…

  31. Дан Руднев

    1:16 right into…there)

  32. MrKnaives

    These Korean and Chinese MMO are starting to looks real good. I just wish they more than just a pretty face.

  33. Unknown 1991

    Summons got cooldown? Or it's a pet system like perfect world, with each pet are unique and have level's.

  34. A L I E N S

    gimmick level over 9000

  35. Yuki Leelee Nonsense

    Graphics look good. Not sure about the whole summoning aspect though. But on a different note, I would love if games started adding more races than the whole elf/human/And sub elf races. Like being an angel or a fae would be great again. Just personal feelings

  36. Kevin Anton

    it feels like they just revamp blade and soul graphics

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