Astellia Online CBT Extended Trailer TCG MMORPG

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Комментариев: 21
  1. Kenji C


  2. LeGummy

    Sees Nexon
    Regardless, it looks good :p

  3. Yuen

    …Where's the TCG part of this fall into I wonder? Nice "card physics" though.

  4. XMckingwillX

    it better not be gender lock and if it is it better not have the cliche genders for said classes such as warrior being male and healers/archers being female

  5. Rageous Gray


  6. dragon wing

    at last…my genre

  7. Acedus

    TCG mechanics. Wait… What?

  8. J

    Thanks I registered for cbt, hopefully I get picked and hopefully it's a good game too.

  9. treaengle dowgre

    jrpg-like? peria alternative? ok, will play anything available

  10. tetsmega

    Wow some of those cards are cute. Love the Duck Knight riding a toy horse

  11. Whiteshade

    Late Tera clone with Unreal Engine 3(March 2004; 13 years ago)
    just cancel it nexon…

  12. Last Carnival

    TCG : Tera Clone Game

  13. gietmex

    So where is the new content here?
    oh wait this isnt tera…
    Anyway if there no new spin off to it or something, this game will flunk really hard :/

  14. North Crusade

    Looks like another dragon nest with more lag 😔

  15. Badr Almutairi


  16. Passion

    At least it's not a mobile game @[email protected]

  17. Myasuu Jo

    comon man it's 2017 looks like 2010 game…

  18. Karrosive

    TCG has never been such a broad term

  19. Sara Valestein

    Cmon guys.. It's better than nothing js

  20. White Sonja

    So didn't watch the video because it was writte TCG, but then it got linked on mmorpg reddit, so the game is actally a mmorpg lol?

  21. ai i

    I like the artwork and shiny logo. The 3d renders kinda worry me a bit. It looks like Atlantica online — also owned by Nexon. And I didn't like that game. Lag was a major problem. Anyway, not much to go on with this trailer alone.

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