Astellia Online CBT 4-Player Lv10 Party Dungeon Full Run

My first full party dungeon, the game has a party finder system.
Can queue up anywhere and get ported inside, nice and easy. — PC — MMORPG — TCG Pet System

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Комментариев: 25
  1. MessMaker

    What is with all the generic mmo stuff coming out of asia.

  2. xoan claveria

    This is too much of absurdly and boring of the same gameplay we had for all this time.

  3. Stevanus Pratama

    Another Aura Kingdom

  4. MarkReaper

    i love this kind of game, but thats just me.

  5. Diviner

    is the camera system right click to move screen ?

  6. Victus

    Steparu, I really don't know how you have the constitution to play and hit max level in all the free MMOs out there these days. They all feel the same. I get bored out of my skull in a couple of weeks.

  7. Jewbelno Korenaki

    lol that rangers stance is copy paste bdo

  8. Yo Han

    Ofcourse you get a Dungeon at level 10. Probably there's raiding at 15.

  9. Josh

    I really don't get how these Eastern MMO's keep getting made, do their player bases not dry up super quickly and move on to the next thing?

  10. Dark Seer

    amazing! guess i'll stick to BDO.

  11. Jerry Senseney

    thanks for the video .this game look so cool i'm still hoping it come to the west

  12. Chris

    Same old, same old… Another easy mob grind fest.

  13. Amunra

    sorry but looks cheap! :S

  14. Evasion

    I hope aeria games is not taking Astellia online
    maybe if they release 60-70GB expansions and ps4 version they still can keep this game for 2-3 years
    ffxiv for example combat is worst but the game is alive even in 2017
    its all about the company that publish the game and p2w

  15. Okami

    any english version

  16. Ef Five

    why does this bow and arrow sound like fucking gun lol

  17. Volpe

    nothing wrong with a cheeky pixel fap once in a while ~

  18. Sly

    Sound effects are so poor

  19. chicken hat

    옘병할놈의 양산형 포카카오식 별달린 카드와 09년도 쯤에 유행했을법한 후져빠진 UI와 성의라고는 쥐새끼 염통만도 없는 게임플레이, 거기에 상투적이고 흔해빠진 븅신같은 힉핫홉햑 해대는 음성이 부정의 삼위일체를 이뤄서 내 눈을 파고드는군.

    이따위걸 만들 시간에 조금 더 공 들인 단두대를 만들어서 본인들 모가지 잘라내는게 어떠실지?

  20. Kardelen Koç

    is this action combat or tab target?

  21. Commander Shepard

    Tera online?

  22. Commander Shepard

    nvm it's blade and soul 2.0

  23. SoundEssence

    "Lets make another generic mmo and then pray for success" every mmo developer out there.

  24. Kreeger TheDoctor

    Wow, this looks awful.

  25. Bryan Fury

    My eyes are bleeding.. what the hell is this crap? The effects are blinding, the movements are junky… adding the fact that the game is class/gender locked (don't remember which of the two or if both atm)… it's a pretty nice mix of shit.

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