Astellia Online (아스텔리아CBT) Character Select Preview UHD4K

A preview of the fancy character select screen in UHD.
Customization options aren’t available in the 1st CBT. — MMORPG — TCG Elements — PC

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Комментариев: 47
  1. Etrius

    I wanted to like it, but i already fear that it'll be gender-locked, and that's will be a good-bye to me. xD

  2. Solaire Kun

    really no character creation? :/

  3. BombaJead

    Lets see what we have here:
    -Token edgy assassin
    -Token mage
    -Token busty elven ranger
    -Token warrior
    -And of course token fetish loli mage/summoner
    Do they even try anymore?

  4. Fate

    0:16 BOOBIES

  5. John D

    I'm assuming gender lock with only two male characters and only one race, human. Meh. 😒

  6. Andrius Vičkačka

    new Aion?:D

  7. Grey Enneract

    Koreans sure do love their gender locking and generic classes.
    There have been so many games like this that even I can spot a dud instantly now.

  8. Patrick

    well yeah some people might say this is sh*t or whatever
    but… I'm just fed up with all the new MOBILE game
    and yeah i miss PC MMORPG so much..

  9. Alpha Wolf

    another rpg where female characters are heavy sexualized, why cant it be just like toram where characters are simple youth

  10. Jonglak Jeong

    hmmm mage is my type(what!?)

  11. Ovio


  12. Mystery Face X

    Honestly, I only clicked because of the thumbnail. Good job, Step.

  13. Gatts2112

    I really like the design of the archer, I'm not sure why, her design just seems interesting to me :3

  14. Gerdronex

    that's actually really cool

  15. Frederika Tesla

    Looks like a really nice game but the fear for be IP blocked in the western server makes me worried and takes all my hype off.

  16. Death

    LOL Look great in 4K HAHAHAH now I want gameplay in 4k Steparu-sempai <3

  17. Kaizu

    Perfect quality as usual! :D Awesome Vid!

  18. Asad alya


  19. Freddie Truong

    The scoring soundtrack is perfect!

  20. Everart

    I'm liking that Archer outfit. >:)


    1:22 you're welcome mothafukkas!

  22. Filip Agrippa

    Well, from what I saw, the game looks very generic and unimaginative :-/ Nice boobs though, even if all the characters looks the same as from games like Aion and such…

  23. Pita bread

    I want to like it but it's like the game tries it's hardest to make me dislike it.

  24. Felix Neo

    came for the side boobs. typical south korean game

  25. closed

    wow really like it…. is there a way to get the CBT key or need a KEY? I got the account but can't really read KOREA T-T

  26. Giveli

    when is the beta?

  27. Kud Mi

    soundtrack like archeage

  28. Claudio Rodrigues

    gender lock…?

  29. Ro Illustrations

    My God I love the music!

  30. Erika .Olivarez

    Is this another game like Revelation Online that looks amazing in character creation and like crap in actual game? lol

  31. Christian

    1:27 They don't have any clue about archery as it seems….

  32. lady milady

    :'D (wishes i could play this with you lol )

  33. Hao Le

    it look like !!! Dragon nest select charater :) !!!

  34. Mike Paez

    I love it when women are always sexualized :) I mean, seriously, I masturbate to that.

  35. VideoGamer

    oh boobs, oh asses

  36. Nury Mykael N

    The texture seem to be better than some popular games like ff14 or gw2

  37. NF

    Totally reminds me of Dragon Nest's old character creation screen (the class selection part).

    And gender locked classes? Sad.

  38. Last Walts

    hot loli, im sold….

  39. Danh serious

    1:51 Love it !

  40. Yane Satsuki

    Dragonest =. = ?

  41. Jianto

    Maximum boob cleavage as usual, damn sex sells

  42. Unknown Unknown

    all these korean MMO looks exactly the same, just changing the name and graphics.

  43. Erisvyelle

    Hot warrior!!

  44. VLN

    WOW 4K is just beautiful, hands down

  45. Nox_Atra Wendigo

    Still no character creation? ><

  46. L0ST

    i pause on 1:24

  47. b: kbm 1


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