Astellia CBT2 Story Dungeon Duo Gameplay

Here is another dungeon adventure in Astellia. Duoing with a Ranger.
A lot of pets for two players XD, probably an army with a full party! — PC — TCG MMOPRG — Pet System — CBT2

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Комментариев: 12
  1. Sonido -

    This game looks cool

  2. Hung Le

    Tkssss Ste :D . Anyway, im feeling this game is a combination of B&S and Revelation Online :D .

  3. K. J.

    This game would be great if it werent for those loli pets.
    But thats just me

  4. Sup?

    Mage the best class :D Other are kinda boring

  5. Tarkus

    It looks like Iсarus raped Aion.

  6. oleg maskaev

    show assasin gameplay.

  7. Chloe Wang

    Loli pets makes the game great. You can turn them off if you dont want them. But this is how I usually play my RPGs. With a harem of lovely ladies

  8. Lost Remnant
  9. dasnad

    this looks so bland

  10. Vinicius Fernandes

    Loli? Pass

  11. Blue Dusk

    Looks awesome.

  12. AODSocieties

    Is there loot? I haven't seen anybody grab anything

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