Asta Online Questing Around a Port Town

First Look Review now up!

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  1. Leonardo Formichetti

    first afjajsidajsdid

  2. Oleg Chebeneev

    what a pile of horse crap

  3. Jasonh3370

    Holy fucking shit, this game looks disgusting for its engine.

  4. Tark Onis


  5. Aroder

    minecraft has better texture packs then this shiz gahahaha fail

  6. nerunastus

    this game is interesting.hahahahahahahahahaha no ._.

  7. Heart

    wildstar,TESO,Kingdom Under Fire II will be more successful then ArcheAge,but i think ArcheAge is prty good game.I wanna to paly it very much :P

  8. Nindya Octaviany

    Perfect World Korean version

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