Asta Online Human Low Level Questing

First Look Review now up!

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    Hmm looks allright not the type I would play.
    Heared Trion got rights for ArchAge haven't played myself but how do you like it? I see you got couple of ArchAge vids as well.

  2. styl3z

    looks like tera

  3. Jeno

    It looks nice, but I prefer no target combat MMO's such as blade and soul and TERA. Also dragon nest

  4. Manosnaruto

    uhh a couple of vids? he could probably fill up all your hard drive with archage vids.

  5. LokoViet

    reminds me a bit of blade and soul

  6. Zarkyun

    Another run of the mill generic MMO from korea

  7. BlupaxX

    I just don't feel like you can really know if a game is generic or not until you play it. f this gets a US release imma give it a chance.

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