Asta Online Fox Magician Gameplay

First Look Review now up!

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  1. Kamui X

    Well it dosen't good any good for me. So static and boooooring.

  2. v

    is that thing coming out her ass supposed to be a tail?

  3. aoepanda1980

    realy seriusly.

  4. v

    sorry but really that is a sad excuse for a tail..

  5. WizPigTactics

    it's dangling shit

  6. aoepanda1980

    YUUP what?

  7. Ha Quang Minh

    U call this crap good? it's Point & click with HQ graphic . Another game like Terra.

  8. v

    chicken butt.

  9. omar elhossieny

    i said it in general

  10. Vebzku '

    Looks so much better than wow :/

  11. Sora Blood

    I think it's a good game looks good,simple,everyone can get the hang of it and well it refreshing to see a new mmo

  12. Ha Quang Minh

    Is Tab-click different with point & click ?

  13. Joseph Rosario

    because all of there mmo's fail 5 min after its made

  14. Mighty D

    No fox ears? LIES!!

  15. Christian

    Horrible textures and its fantasy again….this genre is so jaded…

  16. lulu cc

    China mmorpg vs S.Korea mmorpg. S.Korea Wins !!

  17. OneMove33

    What a bitch!

  18. Patrick Willian

    Bring to us

  19. JustAddMeNow

    I fucking LOVE tab-targeting -____-

  20. zappzoe

    FFXIV.. you're missing this..

  21. Abey merah

    point and click target kind an old school

  22. Elmonster

    A bit late with a WoW clone, but i guess asians can relate to this kinda fantasy ( fluffy, and childish) Nothing "Epic" about it…

  23. Randy Hulsebos

    Never heard of this game, but it's out in English from Indonesian site. I guess it's region locked there? like usual.

  24. Benjamin Ocskay

    Aion kopi

  25. Doerian Cannon

    Para los que dicen Aion Copy o Archeage copy. Si vamos al caso el aion es copy del shaiya el shaiya del silkroad y así consecutivamente así que en vez de decir estupideces jueguen y averiguen si es un copy o no

  26. BlackPill Monk

    Looks cool.

  27. Ervin Fazlic

    yust like 3milon other asian online games never nothing new

  28. Wacław Przybylski

    Its 2015 not 2004 or whenever WoW came out. Really do something better…

  29. Micah Bell

    Finally a dam game that has awesome attacks from far away from the enemy I WANT THIS GAME o.o

  30. rastafarai19

    men what is ure pc caracteristics , the game looks awesome, in my pc it seems a little slow :(

  31. medo sam

    this is not an action rpg right? these people are stuck in the ancient past? no one use the click to attack games anymore

  32. McSSJust

    I'd like to point out to all the recent comments people are making telling this game to get with the times. This game was in development in 2010 and was released in 2013 which is inline with the publish date of this video. Notice there are some old ass comments in here from two years ago, get a clue.

  33. Mallory Pena

    looks like wow. and is awesome

  34. Jakazin

    For anyone interested in playing this game in west:
    Asta will begin open beta on 2 march in eu/na :)

  35. FlyingBiscuit

    The gameplay is so fucking generic.

  36. Bas Waaijer

    Looks smooth, with creative and colorful graphics, but stereotypical. and it seems like the caster has to stand still while casting. Very Asian atmosphere. Mobs don't seem to aggro in this map, so probably low level if the number '4' in the upper left corner doesn't stand for the level.

    Downloading it right now, wonder how it feels. =) Think most of us think the same things while watching the video, but sometimes you just need a new game. xD (preferably one that works on a normal non-gaming laptop, lmao)

    Edit: Really not my thing. Just started playing and you can expect the same stuff you see in any other new free games. Seems like gamemakers these days just insert a generic concept into a generator that contains all the stuff from previous free games and give it a new name. The 'intro video' was extremely stereotypical and made me skip it. The same big yellow text hovering over enemies and allies in an area where a supposed fight is happening yet feels extremely dull. Gameplay feels very static, like that of many other free games.

    I'm not complaining though. More games are always better, more stuff to choose from, I just won't be playing this. Hope others will have fun playing it though. =)

  37. al videos

    ermahgerd, every MMO is exactly the same shit, just with new graphics. T_T won't anyone do something different?

  38. Deminus

    I played it, is not worth it, incredibly generic gameplay and cryengine 3 graphics (in 2016…)

  39. Jin parkit


  40. Cristofer Ballardim

    This is a perfect world.

  41. Victor Cabecinha

    just another asian mmo.. we see no différences, like all asians mmo

  42. Avocatul Poporului

    combat sucks, skill engine sucks, this companies should stop making games in unreal/cryengine platforms, mmos suck on this gamengines

  43. TheMrAtmospheric

    hm another blade and soul.. not interesting

  44. Angel Rivera

    I'm getting an Aion feel to this game

  45. MrNeonRed

    Why the fuck people always care about graphics?

  46. toxics old channel

    Is this available on IOS or ANDROID devices?

  47. Night Fox

    200% same as Tera

  48. b0ost1TV

    The game will come back again, please join discord ASTA we need a strong community

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