Asta Online Character Creation Hwangcheon Faction Female Fox Race 1080p

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Hwangcheon Faction — Female Fox they can look very elegant or cutesy~

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  1. Tiny

    All I see is my wall spammed with Steparu, I don't hate it. :3

  2. RizziSmoove

    Oh god, a humanoid fox. This won't end well.

  3. LunaClaireXO

    waaah I wanna play…

  4. Ufaria

    the fox race is so pretty *.* thanks for posting steparu <3

  5. Ritsuka Fandubs

    I love Tera online and Blade & Soul. :3

  6. Cyro-Nydd

    I like the general art direction here, but their eyes look kind of dead.

  7. Shi En

    This game has so many options

  8. Indra Wibowo

    socute like Jengkelin

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