Asta Online Character Creation Asu Faction Female Tiger Race 1080p

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Asu Faction — Tiger Race doesn’t look very tigerish :D? I don’t know!

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  1. Radu Vasile

    Once a full moon steparu spams my youtube subscription box . Anyway the game looks nice , when do you think we gonna see some gameplay ?

  2. blaze

    the game actually lookspretty cool as far

  3. tikiy3

    The music is absolutely amazing.

  4. Kelohmello

    I love this music.

  5. Slider2k

    Closest to loli Steparu could get ;)

  6. Cyro-Nydd

    Not remotely like tigers, more like elves with purple skin and tails. Which I could totally accept. But I don't really buy the tiger thing, and ear placement is all wrong for a proper anthropomorphic race

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