Asta Online Character Creation Asu Faction Female Human Race 1080p

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Asu Faction — Female Human they can play all jobs @[email protected]!

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  1. Jazneo Gaming

    all there money got waste on graphic and make generic gameplay

  2. BeholdTruthsSecretTV

    Steparu likes them tiny tits. :)

  3. 86Corvus

    hunchback princess anorexia

  4. Ufaria

    i love that face mask that covers her mouth. seriously the best face accessory <3

  5. Rathalos167

    hey love "asta" came out for the west, lol. as i read around players are still waiting for "blade and soul" as well as "black desert online". any word on "moonlight blade"? as "age of wulin" was a sad disappointment.

  6. vandal savage

    i want to know… if u can run naked like in wow? :D

    well with your underwear

  7. CatsRevenge

    I love boob sliders in games… Mmm. I wish WoW had one. I'd make my pandarengirls tits HUGE.

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