Asta Online Assassin Gameplay & Big Boss Fight

First Look Review now up!

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  1. MintyHusky

    a BAM!? xD

  2. Ibrahim Wazzi

    The assasin reminds me of the assasin from Requiem bloodymare, which i'm happy for.
    I really liked that game but it was very badly maintained so i gave up.
    But, hmm this looks nice, i might try it.

    Just got one question steparu.
    Can I create a slim girl with duals or greatsword? -hope its not oni locked-

  3. lloyd senjo

    you dont seem like an assassin at all.. you're like a melee.. and thats it lol :v

  4. Trung Th

    pressing button from 1-9 kind of game.

  5. hard mode

    i love the assasin class but this assasin its disapointing, i wish they can learn from blade and soul, raiderz or C9

  6. Pepe God

    Idd raiderz got an assasin class, gtfo plz.

  7. hovsep56

    actualy raiderz is planning to get a assasin clas also an archer

  8. hard mode

    see the trailer kid

  9. Johndrillo

    why do u only ever play female characters?

  10. Grant

    you play many games.

  11. Chippers

    What MMOs are you most looking forward to this year? Western and Eastern ones all together.

  12. Jeremiah S

    I wouldn't really see why this is a problem.

  13. Liam Spárda Kóga Kronx

    still none of the new games beat blade&soul… they are wasting efforts since they bring out new games which can't surpass games which are already out.

  14. K Eichelmann

    boring typical questing, not much effort in combat, not sure about gameplay… 
    graphics are good…

  15. 뿡뿡! ^__^

    Game looks really cool! I want to try it

  16. Adrian Popa

    If anyone played 4story…will find out that this game is a very nice copy of it …..even classes are the same and the mimic of casting is the same

  17. Haroun Menai

    wow the new world of warcraft looks awesome

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