Ascendant One New Character Paris the Sniper Short Gameplay

DevCAT & Nexon added a new Ascendant a few days ago, tried him out!
Seems pretty OP with the passive that increases my ranged attacks. — F2P Early Access — MOBA — Korean

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  1. Aurious

    …………………………………………….nooooooo why not have it third person when your graphics are absurdly top notch T.T

  2. It’s too late when the time comes

    boss "lets make the characters as detailed and as realistic as possible"

    devs "but that's not how we should go about it 😑"

    boss "okay then it's settled, let's get to work"

    few months later

    boss "is it time to release the game yet"

    devs " yes but we still haven't worked on the gameplay, plus the characters alone are taking up all the gpu we have!!😒 "

    BOSS "never mind then let's just make it MOBA"

    devs "b-but all the details that we work on for so long?!… 😭"

    boss "shut up and do what i say or you're fired"

  3. kloak



  4. Zin tepest

    looks pretty cool but whats up with that slow motion cuts?

  5. SM Malu

    what a waste of time for it to be top down view

  6. McKaos

    So as everyone else has already said, they've wasted so many resources on the models and animations just to put it in a top down view, but sometimes you get Tired of playing League of Legends (and don't like Dota or Heroes of the Storm) so this is something new and welcomed by me personally

  7. Donavon Ho

    wow ,the globe map is trippy

  8. Don't Ask What my Name

    i doubt my pc can play this thought, look at wallet * * sigh

  9. Mikooljohn

    lol wtf this game is a top down MOBA god damn waste.. hahaha

  10. Mikooljohn

    That Victory text font tho..

  11. Xavier Matews

    The MOBAS with isometric view also deserve good graphics, this undoubtedly has them and it looks excellent
    For those who complain that the characters are "very far" then it is time to know a tool of the 21st century, it is called…
    "mouse wheel" ;)

  12. Huy Vu

    Lul, looks like a Starcraft 2 map.

  13. MMA Hype Watch

    That's a lot of detail put into characters and all, just to see the models for like 5 minutes tops in the lobby, compared to a 15-20 minute match. But hey if they have the time and resources….more power to them.

  14. MMA Hype Watch

    Beautiful character design though, standard MOBA so far.

  15. ZenoMight

    thats a horrible camera angle the 3d models are just wasted

  16. Justas Sadauskas

    I bet the characters are only that detailed in the choosing screen, zooming in in-game would probably reveal some nasty texture work

  17. Insert very original Weeb name

    Mobas in 2018 lul

  18. Killjoy26

    Good models wasted on a fucking moba GG

  19. DespairFollows

    Top down view. Such a waste.

  20. SamAce

    THIS.IS.BULLSHIT why the fuck put so much effort and work on the graphics and character details and not make it third person. Whose genius idea was this?!

  21. TvBoy 706

    Wish it played like paragon…

  22. REV

    This should be an ARPG honestly

  23. cr zorro

    Bro how did you create nexon korea account ? help me pls ..

  24. Vini grae

    So you make make the best character graphics in the world and decide to make it top fucking view….damn idiots

  25. Devilrose

    With all that details and its top down classic RTS view seems like a waste lol

  26. nikhil silva


  27. mil mil

    Paris the Sniper is sexually attractive. 😐

    I would've liked to see a more detailed close up of him 😢

  28. Chad Suave

    Still no gold system, no item system…it will failure before launch.. . Heroes of storm is dying along with blizzard, dont make the same mistake

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