Ascendant One New Aphrodite and Persephone Close Up — Demo Gameplay

New character fanservice preview, Aphrodite & Persephone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
Hades waifu seems fully clothed XD. Persephone looking very lewd.
They recently censored Nyx, so maybe they’re preparing for Global? — F2P Early Access — MOBA — Korean

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Комментариев: 46
  1. Rahkesh Leraje

    What a waste of cool characters.

  2. WildD G

    im so excited XD

  3. Due Decimal

    superduper hot girl in character creation.

    …….only 1 cm in gameplay…

  4. ArkOne

    Terrible petty and a waste of talent on a moba :(

  5. rafael pozo

    What is the name of that green one above persephone?

  6. Lougikiro

    This particular moba has problem with steam rolling after 3 minutes. It becomes un-fun that there are no close epic battles, just pure nuke

  7. Can O' Sponge

    Second female character reminds me of Ana De Armas

  8. Moltar Pinos

    that type of camera view :S. I prefer to see my characters with a third person camera view. Anyways I don't like mobas to much, the last moba i played mas SMNC, it was fun and with third person view

  9. 69cent

    how to get this game??

  10. Genghis

    i love how triggered people get by mobas lmfao

  11. milad patriot

    any plan for global release ?

  12. Ayoub P

    Aphrodite isn't really fanservice. She is the goddess of beauty and sexual love. It only fits

  13. Demial Sparda

    Sadly, I wouldnt able to play it.
    No, not cuz of pc.
    Cuz of shitxon. With their ugly regional restriction.

  14. theblackgeno 18

    They should have done third person like smite or paragon

  15. Danny_Dynasty

    I hope this game comes to console like ps4 please are people requesting that? Have they talked about this? I the way this game looks and play. What are they saying ?

  16. edy cris

    another fkg moba ….

  17. Xavier Matews

    Very Cool!

    To all the people who complain that it is a MOBa think for a moment that it could have been much worse, it could have been another generic game in the third person with a view of the shoulder.

    In particular I think it's very good that games like the MOBA or even the RTS can enjoy excellent graphics, in fact it would also be nice to come back with genres like the side-scrolling games with hyperrealistic graphics to give more variety to the videogame repertoire beyond of FPS and clonic third-person games.

  18. Numina

    Some closeups of male designs would be also nice.

  19. Joe Exotic

    Kinda of dumb to waste talent like this on a moba where you can't even see any of the detail during the game.

  20. 윤호

    They should’ve made it like smite or paragon tbh

  21. Nakhab

    Regardless of genre and reviews it's going to be top rule34 material.

  22. Joe Y


  23. p1zzaman

    They should have this in a Final Fantasy game or some 3rd person RPG

  24. リンクです


  25. Dual Athloner

    The camera ruins this game

  26. Thorusoma

    What even is this game ? Seems to take Smite’s “Moba and gods are selectable characters” theme going but then super exaggerated detailed modeling and animation for character you only see the top back of ? I’m utterly confused… But damn I’m here for staring at those characters …

  27. Jack Dude

    1:18 i wanna put my fingers to that ass and smell it

  28. Jack Dude

    what is the name of the music? It's pretty badass, kinda makes u feel like a superhero

  29. Luiggi

    Steparu bro! One question, the secon character what are you playein (Persephone i think) have skill-shots or is pure "objetive skill"? Thanks for your time and answer my humble comentary bru :3

  30. Zin tepest

    Thic the game?

  31. mil mil

    So this isn't Bayonetta 3?

  32. EnvytheSixth

    Yall ppl are never happy, paragon died because so many ppl complained that it wasnt the traditional moba, now a game comes out with the traditional top down view and yall want paragon back. Yall have no idea what yall want, yall just copy and paste hate. But let a LOL player get hype for this game and yall will be on the bad wagon. Try things for yourself before you judge, shit!!!!

  33. Will of Fire

    Damn, that game looks so awesome. Is that a beta version?

  34. Lmacncheese

    still trying to figure out how to install this game

  35. Smoke

    STOP FUCKING CRYING. It’s a moba with good graphics, if you dont like moba’s then dont play??

  36. pastuh

    avatar not 3D…

  37. Nine4Jay

    how to change to english?
    please help

  38. • BlackHoleMatters

    Мда…… а я надеялся. Толку от детализации персов и эмоций если их не видишь. Более глупой траты сил не видел. Хотя найдутся извращенцы с лупой в руках)

  39. Mar. sta.

    this moba is a waste of graphics

  40. Juan Andujar

    This Aphrodite is so much better than Smite's Aphrodite

  41. megazine

    Damn, if only this was a 3rd person 3d shooter moba like Paragon. Very moba is like LoLegends.

  42. lostinseganet

    hmm maybe it will be in VR. With spectators being able to look at different angles?


    Я хочу ММОРПГ с такой графой и физикой))))

  44. Luchessi1000

    More mister, more animation sexy girls ,this is beatyful.

  45. Pickle

    Too bad the graphics killed the game pretty much.

  46. Supermonkeyjam

    character designs are phenomenal

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