Ascendant One Mecha Robot Keiron Gameplay

This Starcraft inspired unit recently got buffed in today’s patch.
The game also has a random playable Dropship, Siege Tank, etc. — F2P Early Access — MOBA — Nexon Korea

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Комментариев: 20
  1. qweqw

    Trash camera

  2. John Matthew Villarama

    I'm getting the starcraft 2 vibes here.

  3. WhiteNovaKnight

    That map is huge! Looks like a lot to manage.

  4. Scypheroth

    wow this looks like a fun game actually…i miss old style RTS games

  5. Chyvalle

    add my Id step, Chyvalle
    already add you on discord too o/

  6. Gaming_w_Bix

    God I hope this gets controller support!

  7. drejzo

    Hey bro i am downloading game, and i made nexon korean account, do i need any phone or id to play game?

  8. mike ANDREA

    Holy, the map literally a planet??

  9. Tory

    what is this?
    ahh nvm.. its the that new korean moba.

  10. Ian dykes

    what platform is this on and when's it out

  11. Top Games Kingdom

    hi bro sup ?
    do you know any good war strategy games middle age type like age of empire to try ?

  12. Shahriar Chowdhury

    oh great, another moba…sad

  13. Adrestia Eagerton

    if they release this with english language i'm gonna play

  14. Locke

    Looks like a sharp moba. And very pretty.

  15. VenDooM

    which programm you use to have this little ping?

  16. Anakin Sepherd

    awesome gameplay my fav robot lol

  17. hhmaniak hhmaniak

    This game looks nice but I will never play it becouse I live on different planet

  18. Ricardo Ortega

    Nothing like paragon

  19. Lucian Logan

    This is an amazing game . I hope that will get free on the market .

  20. Ecchi Games

    🤣🤣 Me gusta su baile. Muy gracioso pero muy bien detallado

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