Ascendant One Hera Preview Close Up & AI Training Room

Hera just came out yesterday, just trying out her skills in AI mode~!
Kind of neat they made a female character that actually looks aged. — F2P Early Access — MOBA — KR Nexon

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  1. Shahriar Chowdhury

    hawt female chen with nukes and lasers

  2. gr4yw4rd3n

    Can''t help the feeling of Paragon dejavu… Hope this will have better fate…

  3. yamad haiki

    arena hero shooter would be very cool cz you can see boob and booty :D

  4. Vraska

    People asking why is it a MOBA… and here i'm wondering what has Hera to do with a beast? i mean, the other"gods" has powers that makes sense with their myth. Or maybe there's something about her i don't know? A beast makes more sense to someone like Artemis (+bow), somebody knows what am i overlooking here?

  5. HIFI老宅


  6. XenonG

    Oh look, a Paragon clone! Even tried to do the main menu music style similar lol

  7. XenonG

    Should have done the 3rd person perspective.

  8. Ariel Clark

    Thought it about mmorpg or some cool shooter game but turn out moba game. Why the fvck it need very detail for such a thing.

  9. n h

    but is the gameplay good…?

  10. Ezequiel Morales

    This could be an RTS game to rival Starcraft, or a very good looking RPG. What a waste.

  11. Pedro Dalla

    Please stop with the "waste of graphics" bullshit, moba games can have good graphics and if you don´t like the genre just don´t play it. Just because you won´t be able to see all the details doesn't mean the characters can't be well detailed, we can see the details on the menus, skins and zooming in.

  12. Shane

    What's the point having the Characters looking this good when it's an overtop view

  13. Sycogenesis

    I live and breathe mobas and even i have to agree that all this graphical detail is wasted on a top down view top down mobas are pretty dated tbh

  14. Nam VV

    oh look just another dota copycat, i sure this video game generation has alot of original idea

  15. Literary Landslide

    Female Disruptor (Dota 2), nice~

    Is this a PVP MOBA or mission-based or something? Honestly overdone graphics for an isometric view game, lol, and I imagine they won't render that much detail when you're looking from up. Is it at least like Dota 2 where you can zoom in to your character until it's 3rd person view?

  16. twas brillig

    yawn, yawn, …yawn

  17. Рустам Закиров

    Шикарная МОБА!!!

  18. Cel TV

    That's your idea of an "Aged" character? wow.

  19. Left Right


  20. David R. B.

    Every comment complaining how it's a MOBA lol, and they're right xD

  21. Kien Nguyen

    Looking at the thumbnail i thought it was a makeup tutotrial

  22. netizen

    I don't see the gorgeous woman in the gameplay. Only ants.

  23. Bang Supa

    can my old laptop play this game?

  24. Bang Supa

    wtf i just realise that last hit creeps is have 1minute loong to get the gold afther they died?
    its very easy than?

  25. Casey Norlander


  26. BoardWalkToke

    I was all excited by these stunning graphics just to be immediately disappointed by an isometric camera view. What is the point of a character creator if you can barely see your character?!?

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