Artery Gear Fusion All 5-Star Characters Preview 60FPS 2K HD

Here is a preview of all the current playable legendary 5-star characters in the game. I edited out the loading screen in between for easier viewing, you can also check out their character artwork at the end of the video.

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  1. Synkhan

    The animations, lighting and effects are just stellar!!! That art at the end, hot damn, such great designs

  2. MVP_KZ

    I'm already interested. When it's coming to global? :)🤔🤔🤔

  3. Seink

    So many! Wow!

  4. yoku wakaran


  5. LordVeral

    initially was interested but got quickly disinterested given most if not all the characters are females. I like me some badass husbandos but there doesn't seem to be any of that here

  6. CTRL

    all these chinese games that would make so much money if it had a global release why not just release it too everybody

  7. Lew Tx

    Epic seven but mecha.
    Looks decent but will there be a global release?

  8. Nyan Pantsu

    well i hope this game release in IOS and hit the global

  9. prostobaka

    chibi again chibi oh god plz no noooo no……

  10. Brawl Krazy HaruHaru OwO

    1:58 ah i see, Yojimbo (FF X) daughter

  11. Maerwyn

    For a chibi the animation and effect is crazy good

  12. yc3X

    NA when?

  13. Jack the ripper

    The type of cyber-like universe I just love : check
    Sick animations : check
    Good music : check
    Incredible visuals : check
    Waifus : check

    Global when ? BECAUSE I WANT IT !!!

  14. Levitastic

    I normally dont like chibi stuff, but this peaks my interest, it's prolly a waifu game only though, i dont like that, want some variety

  15. Fat Deacon

    any news on the release date?

  16. Đức Anh Lê

    nice game

  17. Another Rio


  18. eldon flores

    Now this is hype!!

  19. LuvIsWar

    Global server when!

  20. Phú Qúy Mai Lê

    When will this come to Global? 6 months later?

  21. Prinzessin Der Vertüileng

    7:30 Loli kamehameha

  22. Prinzessin Der Vertüileng

    7:37, the most Dbz skill in that game 🤣

  23. FouLu IVy

    Love the beats and visual. But, no bad ass male champ. A pass for me.

  24. Mikazuki

    Bruh the animations, skills and movements are so smooth

  25. Johan Martogi Purba

    The pink gauntlet one basically Hibiki from Symphogear

  26. Miraz Garnasah

    Counterside x E7

  27. Hayashi Shirou

    is ur internet connection good? mine keeps dc-ing when playing this game ==

  28. R398

    I have no idea why this game is underrated and unwelcomed in China.

  29. Pelli

    This feels like the next evolution of Chibis and from someone that hates them these ones seem kinda nice

  30. Purp

    Any new news on this game coming to NA yet?

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