Artery Gear Combat Gameplay & Gacha Pulls Mobile 60FPS

Artery Gear Fusion Gameplay Preview showing off four legendary characters alongside other ones. I edited out the story, loading, stages, and stuff. This video is pure gameplay and gacha only. I downloaded mine on Taptap CN, but others may be able to join through the Bilibili site.

Artery Gear Fusion Website

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  1. Cronodougメガ

    Chibi Style spoils the game, devalues the art of the characters.

  2. Arya Nugraha

    those 3* unit quality actually deserved to be at least 4* and even some 5* and I see that this is a waifu only game, no husbando pull at all

  3. Ren

    even the 3stars looking so great is kinda scary

  4. SkyVanisher

    Gosh dang the designs look awesome! Animations very slick too!

  5. RERP

    The characters looks so good and the effects too.

  6. Pedo Bear

    Can't wait to play global version
    This game so cool

  7. LIME

    with how beautiful and great everything looks, I wonder why they basically copy and paste Arknights UI

  8. Sukita

    i love games like that, yes!!!!! thank you steparu!

  9. Tấn Nhan

    The ultimate animation give me Noble Phantasm vibe tho :v

  10. Catzor

    Icon artstyle looks like it's from Arknights wth. Chinese game stealing from a Chinese game.

  11. Hunter

    Looks nice, gonna pass if no husbandos

  12. OraclePunch

    Epic Chibi Seven

  13. M. HAMDANI

    Neko Black Heart looking fine.

  14. Nian

    After arknights, this is the second gacha game that I enjoy. will try to experience if there is a global version

  15. Unlimited Quick Works

    This one looks interesting, graphics kinda remind me of elsword and I like it.

  16. Tiny

    Why can't we have something like this in the forms of Xcom? D:

  17. Synkhan

    Those 3 star units look amazing holy cow. Wish it wasnt chibi tho(personal preference things, nothing wrong with chibi). The effects and animations look fantastic.

  18. Riddif Mandela

    Not a mean to offense. Those VO lines are not ripped right?

  19. Hot PancakeZ

    This sucks the app gives me a msg in chinese telling me i have one hour to play every 15 days, is there anything i can do to bypass that

  20. Senaji

    why do almost all gacha games have such dogshit gameplay dude

    make something unique for once like punishing gray raven

  21. Indra ST

    Super Robot Wars Vibe

  22. Purp

    Is this going to get a NA release?

  23. Rize

    Is there a way to play this for US?

  24. Leon Heart

    Truly crazy animations….

  25. Yakchew

    iphone user regret so much watching this

  26. Vindrael

    Hmm kinda like Final Gear, but this is leaning toward turn base while FG is action

  27. No. 08

    People with epilepsy goes brrrrr

  28. Kurando

    The only problem in this game is server is too lag and it always disconnect mid fight so you have to start over again. But still its really fun

  29. Eboran Shard

    Gosh even the 3 stars look amazing !

  30. Prinzessin Der Vertüileng

    ¿English version when?

  31. Poi

    i hope this game also release on global

  32. SpastiSengs Sengs

    AAAAAAH why mecha and waifu theme, the animations looked great T_T

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