Arpiel 2.0 Online Max Level Lysia Gameplay

Just some random Arpiel Online. Level up a new char time?
I wonder if the TW version is going to optional English. — TW Version — PC MMORPG

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Комментариев: 11
  1. J

    good stuff.. might try it out

  2. CatOn FireZ

    is it accesible for everyone?

  3. Shubbyy xDD

    kinda reminds me of lunia

  4. doplank

    Any western release info?

  5. General Tapok

    another diablo clone? meh…

  6. Ace mvp

    Cant wait to play this. Looks like fun.

  7. helloitsme

    mobs look so satisfying to kill in this game

  8. Saleem Ali

    looks like Kritika. u gonna upload cbt kritika vids?

  9. Sergio Mendes

    Kritika with a worse camera angle? or am i missing something

  10. MadLane

    if only Asians were racists and made games for the rest of the world too :*( having to wait years hurts

  11. Rick Padua

    milin nava

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