Arknights Final Boss & Playable Characters Art Preview Mobile

The final boss battle of the Arknights Echo Test. A strong boss~!
A preview of the characters I’ve collected and the housing system. — CBT — Anime Tower Defense — Mobile

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  1. Android EK Games


  2. Bs Kata

    Do your best

  3. Isidro Álvarez

    art is so beautiful!

  4. White Ichigo

    When this game coming out?

  5. Seishiro Mishima

    This game has best art and UI design in all mobage I have played.

  6. Vincent Wu

    Did the cbt already ended?

  7. Zohar .X

    will there be anymore arknights vids on the KTOR map?

  8. ai i

    5 men & 1 lizard?! Really?!
    This game needs more male characters. That's too weak a ratio for me. Until they add more men in, this is another skip for me.

  9. Lyirianna Trouffarld

    oh wow this is actually one of the best games in this style that i've ever seen

  10. Ivan Filipovic

    did they say anything about an english release in the future?

  11. C3ck

    This game art is amazing but the gameplay feels like a average flash game from 2009

  12. satria amiluhur

    Pause button is your real friend while playing tower defense and rts games

  13. Nanatsuiro

    wow there so much charac on rhodes

  14. kommunik

    9:36 Is…is that a relationship chart? How big are they gonna make the story?

  15. DuMoyses

    The Art Game is Like WriteFlyer Studio, like Another Eden Characters

  16. mrEisNew

    reminder arknights will be released on 1 may 2019 for android + 30 april 2019 for iOS…

  17. Auro

    I’m an Early Arknights player too, but it definetly needs a English version.

  18. Eharan L

    still waiting for them to release an artbook

  19. Mario

    English or global ver?

  20. 雾卡

    3:02 Cliffheart saved the team…

  21. AIN Z

    I hope they will return Kal'tsit soon

  22. Dre p

    Plz bring back Kal'tsit 🙏🏽👀 (after reworking her I guess? She doesn't seem THAT OP lol)

  23. Kaniku

    man,back when kal tsit was still a playable operator….

  24. ColdcallerLoopy

    And then H6-4 happened

  25. Komi Was Here

    i can hear dr. kyo laughing in the background

  26. Executor's Halo

    that range .. oh my Kal'tsit

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