Arknights CBT Evolution and Gameplay — Anime Tower Defense Mobile

I’m still waiting for this game to come out, super fun Anime TD game!
It’s a good thing this game is coming to Japan, weeabo VA’s soon? or

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  1. An Trịnh

    How did you download this

  2. Chyvalle

    this is from latest CBT?
    or the previous one

  3. Nauya

    Is it finally coming out soon?

    I still want to play this even after all this time.

  4. CaelumNox

    I’ve been waiting for this game ever since I found out about it. I’m so happy you uploaded another video

  5. Juan Diaz

    Arillo waiting for this in global versión :(

  6. kevin loo


  7. Hans Vader

    If you do sick designs but you have to implement it in meh boring defense tower game^^ I feel very sorry for the art design team

  8. Niggy

    I've seen the art of the characters and the environment the game's story is placed… I must say, it is impressive. It's a FUCKING SHAME that all that awesome work is placed in a goddamned tower defense game of all things.

    What the fuck.

  9. mcgaretse77

    steparu… this game or the whole is originated from japan or china?

  10. ProtankGaming

    The UI and art is simmilar to GFL do you know the publisher?

  11. CowSctrotumNipples

    The music in this is fucking awesome, especially combined with the UI

  12. Aini Nur Syafitri

    Tower defense huh? Maybe i will play this game with my brother

  13. OtroYoutuber

    OBT 29 March — 11 Abril, need a bilibili account to play, no cn phone number, unlimite register everyone can play, data wipe at the end of the OBT.

  14. jason jiang For those of you who want to try out OBT, hit this link and click big yellow text button at the center. You need to register a bilibili account

  15. samuel

    I wish i could download it if ik how

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