ArcheAge Online Testing the Trade Ship

Slowly trying to reach the level cap :) this game is pretty casual~

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  1. Brunkomanic

    You get your own ship in this game? Can you actually use it as a trading vessel? That's actually pretty awesome.

  2. reka10

    screw flying and acrobatics to get around sailing is the bomb!

  3. Daxramas

    A lot of the "late game" features of ArcheAge is doing trade runs on land and sea. The ship on this video is the trade ship which is used to hold a lot of cargo and to deliver it quick.

  4. Random PlayerMode

    until i steal it from you and sell all you cargo.

  5. 888GRM

    You can have your own donkey?
    Thats awesome!

  6. Antoine King SouleD

    well that would not be a nice thing to do now, would it?

  7. Dr. Naz

    Do you also have like naval battles in this game?

  8. Random PlayerMode

    true.. i should be helping him, and not stealing D; thanks to you im saved from all the dark that was inside me… yesterday.

  9. Marv Farstar

    when wil the game be released in europe ??

  10. Gleb Larionov

    god damn shit

  11. Bigus Dickus

    u sux at ship parking stepa ^_^

  12. Giokaios

    is this free2play?

  13. Antoine King SouleD

    Yes, it's gorgeous

  14. Antoine King SouleD

    He's asian afterall… :3

  15. randomrenzo

    All aboard the Pimp Deck!

  16. Kamui X

    They should add option to be a pirate. I miss that Silkroad trade system, it was so good back then without bots, and shit.

  17. Kamui X

    Nah it's not like that, attacking your ship and taking your goods to sell them on black market, that's what you could do in old good Silkroad as a thief . That's what should be possible in new gender mmorpgs aswell.

  18. Sabin

    lol, the boats go backwards and they have breaks? what hell, they could be a little more realistic

  19. Mike S

    That water is beautiful.

  20. Aroder

    this needs to come out in NA soon! almost all other mmos r boring atm :/

  21. BloodyMireu

    he's white dude. XD

  22. SeattleMMORPG

    I cannot wait for this game to come out in NA! It's RP-PvP heaven!

  23. SeattleMMORPG

    Are there any limitations on how many pieces of furniture you can place inside your home? Or how many trees/flowers are outside of it?

  24. srbija_xDD

    Will this game have monthly sub?

  25. 에안나

    You can have as many pieces as you want as long as you have enough space in your home. Therefore, you should build a big one if you wanna have many furnitures in it (but it costs more and has higher tax).

    There are scarecrows (2 per character) which privatize land for you but the area is limited. However, planting outside the area is not limited but you lose the ownership of those plants. (Others can come and take them if they find it)

  26. 에안나

    Once you become a pirate, you are no longer part of your original continent (eg. Harihara or Nuia). You become the 3rd force in the game with your own base (There is an island in Silent Ocean)

  27. SeattleMMORPG

    What level do you have to be to put down a scarecrow? Do you need to have a house first before putting them down? Thank you for all the information :D

  28. RayceSangDeath

    Careful not to sail the boat by yourself… you can have some unexpected guests coming aboard whuehehehe~ (saw another vid where the ship was fully packed with armed men, it seems they were carrying precious stuff)

  29. Weisseskind


  30. ma1k3ru01

    Unbelievably breathtaking.

  31. pumastp98

    stupid question: Do you think a Geforce 210 can support this game? Excuse my english

  32. Adam Kir

    a donkey…

  33. StarKiller

    Yeah i heard you could be a pirate but the guards will attack you. about that, is it going to be a lv 50 max boss guard that will attack you and pretty much 1 hit your dead ? another thing dose it have a gear system and will it take forever like 3 months nonstop to get the top gear for pvp oh maybe it's PaytoWin gear ?

  34. Aleksander

    the min requeriment is a geforce 8600. so yes, you can

  35. GinabasX

    Also when you become a pirate/outlaw you are able to access areas in the game you normally wouldn't be able to! Adds a whole lot more content to the game :)

  36. Angelo Pe Benito

    What are the RAM requirements? You think 4GB can handle it?

  37. pumastp98

    I wish I could play this game now

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