ArcheAge Online Questing in the Jungle 1080p Max Settings

Jungle Fever!

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  1. kek


  2. hovsep56

    the graphics are so good my pc would go in flames from it

  3. sakura sakura


  4. KaptainKush2814

    Those mounts look stupid

  5. lindvior

    You can move

  6. lindvior

    This is one of the nicest jungles I've seen in MMOs in terms of filling the area of vegetation :D

  7. spunkflunk

    I wish they would make an mmorpg that uses earth and has you start in the begining of time like in civilization games, then as you level up your technology gets better which means more powerful weapons

  8. Showdovn

    age of empires 2 mmorpg would be cool

  9. Kivvi88

    is it gonne come out in europe ?

  10. ma1k3ru01

    how do you progress in level, is it quest based only?

  11. Vlad Moldoveanu

    where do i download it from?

  12. Kivvi88

    doesnt rly take an hour to go there by boat. more like 15-30min

  13. PangyaGamer

    Try TERA, It's amazing!

  14. October Thirteen

    UE3? or in-house engine? The lightning and shaders doesnt seem to be as impressive as GW2, is it really maxed out?

  15. smashrine


  16. Folke Frykhammar

    What are your computer specs, Steparu?

  17. Gabriel B

    this isnt cryengine….. cryengine looks waaay better

  18. smashrine

    type archeage cryengine 3 into google. You'll find im right.

  19. Gabriel B

    i just looked it up and no, the game was made on cryengine 2 not 3..

  20. smashrine

    They started on CryEngine 2, then moved to 3 mid development. It's on CryEngine 3, 110% sure.

  21. Gabriel B

    well, search for it like you said … on wiki it says the game is running on cryengine 2 T_T

  22. Eqlipze

    It's running on CryEngine 3… the wiki is not updated

  23. D CasualGamer

    How is the targeting system? is it point and click / tab target or live aiming?

  24. Onyx

    (っ-●益●)っ ,︵‿ Why did i not learn Korean!

  25. granknight


  26. Baruch

    Graphically, it looks rather terrible to be honest

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