ArcheAge Online Questing During Night

Slowly trying to reach the level cap :) this game is pretty casual~

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  1. Shablo5

    How grindy is this game?

  2. Centrex

    Pretty casual? It seems like it would be on par with WoW in terms of the grind. Is it really grindy?

  3. Brunkomanic

    I saw bard in chat.. a bard with a great sword? Musical instruments keep getting deadlier.

  4. hkharpster

    I so hope that an English version comes out this year! It looks and sounds amazing. Closes thing to an actual living virtual world.

  5. Warden Jax

    how about comparing it to Lineage 2 ? Is it harder or easier to lvl up ?

  6. v

    is the game p2p?

  7. Zeloron

    how can i play this game or other games you play and upload on your channel? because i'm not korean lol.

  8. jorge pajo

    Is the level cap 40?

  9. Sleepii

    Yo Steparu… I saw you doing a short Let's Play for Lune of Eden with the girl… could you do one with the guy who uses a Gun and Blade… Gunz or Dante style… I wanna see how good it is and if worth playing.

  10. Sleepii

    Oh and btw how is ArchAge in comparison to BnS? Just as good better? Also how is it in comparison to C9… I know C9 is dungeon-based but mechanics-wise cause I see alot of skills on skillbars like in C9 so yea…

  11. TinnysMan

    Love your vids you earned my sub :)

  12. Emunk Danoti

    im started to fall in love with Archeage

  13. Mitchell Levasseur

    This game looks soooo cool… XD

  14. PangyaGamer

    Game looks beautiful! :)

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