ArcheAge Online Queen’s Palace Tour Video HD 1080p

Exploring the Queen’s Palace!

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  1. Mr Lavoy

    oh my god!

  2. zoomich

    Korean MMOs are so amazing compared to NA ones ..
    Oh how I wish I was korean. x__x

  3. Hantzie

    This is not a Triple A MMO… this is a Triple Asian MMO xD

  4. Aroder

    is this game out yet in NA?

  5. Mo Ka

    amazing game, im waiting for the english version

  6. shamanovski

    хуйня. еще не вышла, а уже на что-то похоже

  7. Defeatenonce

    did Blade&soul release in korea?

  8. ultama7


  9. Cress

    I love u Steparu !!

  10. TUKTUK

    in the internet nobody knows you are a dog..

  11. Defeatenonce

    that's where i was going for =D

  12. Katie Butler

    do you speak korean? how do you know what's what on all these games?

  13. CollidedGeneration

    The city looks so … idk dull.

  14. Danny Allen

    LoL north or south?

  15. Aleksander


  16. Razatiger Ault

    mehhh i can only party agree, most korean mmo's are grind fests with male characters that look like girls and girl characters that look like sluts, thats the majority of asian mmo's not all tho and i do respect some

  17. Random PlayerMode

    really disturbing.. D:

  18. Random PlayerMode

    yes it is ofc..

  19. Defeatenonce

    and yours isnt D=

  20. reka10

    kinda got into my head that step is a girl…

  21. Random PlayerMode

    just a litle D;

  22. dlgustn12

    stupid creazy

  23. wes4mu089

    Archeage is very medieval fantasy. :P But Medieval was a time period, not a ethnic culture.

  24. nana

    This game looks amazing, been following it quiet a while now!
    Cant wait for a release in EU. Any news on that Steparu?

  25. MrRiZZaH

    in fact they did say it is scheduled end 2013, beginning 2014, so quite a while to go

  26. tubintheweb1

    Game has been announced in the west for Trion. It should be out this year according to the announcement

  27. GinabasX

    Company called Trion will be publishing ArcheAge in the U.S and Europe. This will ofcourse be in 2014 though. No other infomation has been given out. But it will be released :)

  28. Dooron

    Can I ask what spec of a PC you play this on? Because I just want to know if my current hardware is worth hanging onto or whether I should save and then invest in a new computer later on this year! :)

  29. lindvior

    I love these large open cities, the architecture looks amazing. The only problem is I feel that the city never feels alive because it lacks players and npcs.

  30. pumastp98

    can u create chars with same names?

  31. Eric Argoni

    they understand freedom. americans just make games like lazy fucks. nothing new, its way too dam safe as well.

  32. Dimitraeon

    Trion will be publishing Archeage for NA and EU incase you didnt know ;)

  33. MaxBlight

    would be interesting if they made a world server, more people…

  34. Sebastian Naaheim

    when is it coming out in eruope? steparu u know enything yet? its so awesome i been folwing it for a half a year! sry bad englisg Norwegian!

  35. Verithiell

    itll be published by trion worlds. Maybe in 2014, maybe in 2015. It yet remains unknown.

  36. KAneki

    I hope it supports the oculus

  37. BUGZdood

    virtual reality when?

  38. Bluburry Yumyum

    Can any NA developer please make a real fucking game already??? IM sick of waiting for korea to port games, and I am sick of hyped up bullshit like Neverwinter, GW2, Aion, Tera online, rift, wildstar (looks like its designed for toddlers), all NA MMO games are a waste of time, they are 100% recycled and they are fucking easy and boring. Somebody who develops good games please make a good game already….

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