ArcheAge Online Jet Pack Quest

This quest rewarded me with a temporary Jet Pack!
Fly fly fly and away!!!

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  1. Furorentsu

    Looks more like a timebomb than a jetpack :P

  2. Slyphend

    Oh i hope they can release the Global version soon :S

  3. ekaj11

    why don't you stream anymore :(

  4. ekaj11

    Thanks for the quick reply! Really appreciate the work you do.

  5. izaleth

    i really enjoy your AA vids. thanks for uploading :D

  6. Roflcopter565


  7. BloodyMireu

    man… what I would give to be able to play this game on that setting… I'm playing on the lowest possible setting and i'm still laggin so MUCH :(

  8. MrLeLocke Cole

    You can beat IGN and Machinima singlehandedly. D:

  9. Bobic

    i guess you need some help^^

  10. 이종일

    what server do you play in? How do you feel about the game so far?

  11. Dramacar

    ty for your great work

  12. YorichigoSama2

    You should hire and dude for streaming :)

  13. gamefreak999

    How come your not a female in this game like usual?

  14. gipro1

    Its a jump pack, not a jet pack. lol

  15. ArecArws

    i feel like the animations could be refined more. And i get this GW2 feel from the textures and shapes. The game looks really good though

  16. Jayaresee

    I think the saying is "Up, up, and away!" lol, unless you did that on purpose. :)

  17. mr bloo

    wish i had your job :I

  18. observer75

    Love the night time.

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