ArcheAge Online First Look Sewers Instance Dungeon

First time in this dark dungeon!

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  1. Javid Osanlu

    gw2 is so not dead or my friend are an outright liar and desperate butt-hurt wow fanboi….As a matter of fact the population is growing growing and keeps on growing…lol

  2. Javid Osanlu

    you are 100% correct

  3. ForThePentagram

    I find it funny how you try to insult me when you don't even know how to spell, Believe me, Gw2 is going down the pit. Also i would like to make something clear. First: If that's you on the picture, I feel sorry for you. Secound: How do you know i'm a liar? Go dig up some research. Third: Don't reply to this. I got no time for the obvious.

  4. SOOMincorporated

    If GuildWars 2 truly is dying I might have to transfer to this. I kinda gave up on SWTOR because of pay to play, and I haven't played Aion in years. This might be the next MMO for me. It looks GREAT.

  5. sallee132

    is there pk in this game?

  6. ryo1710

    point and click?

  7. cloudsk8a1

    this game does have alot of stuff you can do thats awsome tho i wish it could be in english :///

  8. Azazelmu

    I believe that this game will prove to be much better than ESO, (for me). That's why I won't bother with ESO when it comes out and I will wait for this one.

  9. Azazelmu

    ….apparently, nothing….

  10. W.M.

    This game looks ace! I agree with bloodpuddingswe about the game not being a match for Tera when it gets to looks, but hey, not everything is about looks! Gameplay does a lot too, I couldn't enjoy Tera because of the lack of roleplaying gimmicks, and I'm quite the fanatic roleplayer!

    But this looks promising! Did Trion give out a release-date yet?

  11. AlphaRar

    This is not on High Graphics :$

  12. rustyvinyl

    there in a sewer….. ambiance

  13. Giggle971

    That guy just ninja pulled! Kick him from party :D

  14. ma1k3ru01

    man, i hate that your right, shit always happens, but this is just mindblowing, the boats, the everything

  15. Abel Kuran

    So stoked for this game. I've only played GW2 for a game really(even though that was only for a few hours),haven't ever really played many games,if at all. So the fact that I am hyped for ArcheAge is saying alot.

  16. Piter Pain

    звук клевый атмосфера

  17. October Thirteen

    With the quite absurb launched of MMOs who then falter, like SWTOR, GW2, TERA, Rift i do start to wonder. But that this game has been in development since 2006 shows some cool things.
    Tho that being a Next gen mmo, with building and large scale battles + Sanbox seems unlikely their main tareget in 2006, if it even existed then properly. I think this game has been swayed by competition. But still looks absolutely fascinating.
    I will start to play it ;)

  18. 66 6

    양키새키 존나 못하네

  19. Jessica PlaysAlot

    *cough* *cough* *scarlet Blade* *cough*

  20. Souma Yukihira

    To be fair, Guild wars 2 is still one of the top mmorpg out there, and Rift just becomes one of the top F2P game. However, SWTOR and TERA are definitely not doing very well right now. The MMO that you should be watch out for right now is EQNext. It's still under development and due to release this year. EQNext's hype is quite furiously hot and high more than any other MMO currently.

  21. Coldasice

    Wait, that is an instance? I thought that ArcheAge was Open World, without any kind of instances and battlegrounds.

  22. Souma Yukihira

    I'm still on the edge about EQNext and I will try it., the hype is slightly below Guild wars 2, currently according to . Guild wars 2 will be 1 year old in 3 more days and still the top hype in mmo world. And, well I'm playing FF14 right now, ESO is not my cup of tea from playing in beta.

  23. ALINOjigz

    Looks alot like raiderZ

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