ArcheAge Online Crafting & Leveling Up Through It

Who needs to quest when you can grind by crafting!

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  1. Defeatenonce

    uuhm why are you naked?

  2. CollidedGeneration

    Why aren't you?

  3. aoepanda1980

    this wierd way to make armor

  4. Cress

    steparu u need to make a top ten!!

  5. Defeatenonce

    whoops i didnt watch the end =D


    naked steparu xDD

  7. eastmeetfist

    really like this armor set

  8. Lita Marian-Alin

    What where the classes that you combined to this character steparu-kun ? ^_^

  9. ultama7

    LV UP!!

  10. randomrenzo

    It's like washing your only set of clothes at a public Washer & Dryer place

  11. Brandon Dorsey

    This doesn't look better than blade &soul to me

  12. WizPigTactics

    justin bieber's training montage to being a man,

  13. Aleksander

    Steparu, in this game you can also put the graphics to the point as to play in mid-low pc's?. Just as in blade and soul? thx

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