ArcheAge Online Bots Mining Bot Gold Farmers

I really hate mining bots :( so hard to mine with them around
Gold Sellers burrnnnnn!

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  1. Dr. Naz

    Can't you just PK them?

  2. Jaman

    cant you attack the bot's or is it not a pvp zone?

  3. Amunra

    Sad very sad!!! pfff.

  4. democritus democritus

    or will it? Its f2p in China

  5. eastmeetfist

    man I hate these guys, I want a pick just to stab it into their faces!!!

  6. RPGOmen

    Resources nodes? :( I miss the old Ultima Online days where you see a mountain, you mine, profit! No such thing as nodes.

  7. Marco Marmorn

    I m very sad to see something like that. I hope XLgmaes doing about this problem

  8. dra6o0n

    bots don't thrive on p2p games unless they use trial acc

  9. dra6o0n

    all they gotta do is add variety if resources. most being in pvp areas rendering mid and high tech botting invalid

  10. dra6o0n

    unless they bot 30 archers to volley any non bots near them.

  11. Takayaki42

    That's why i like open-pvp world games, you can kill all the botters you want, anywhere they are. *—*

  12. Kujikikun

    lol those bots looks so hilarious when they swarm your spot haha,

    bad bots ;/

  13. pumastp98

    Do you still play on korean server? wht server?

  14. nelsma292

    Is there no easy reporting mechanic?

  15. MIPK

    Гоните бота, черти

  16. Reminiscable

    Get a glider.

  17. Tony Mauro

    noob's spotted

  18. diskuse diskuse

    Jesus christ!!

  19. 天王

    They do…Ive seen them in eso

  20. Klannahar

    Like the good old days in Dekaron when around 40-50 BOT was farming MOBs on a same place. :D

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