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  1. DeerPlay

    Корейское говнецо

  2. Confucius

    @iamaladycanyousaveme then play vindictus

  3. Kamui X

    ye u are right, it''s nothing like a FPS games : shoot, shoot, dead.

  4. J.Taurens

    @iamaladycanyousaveme your right about that, but not all mmorpg developers are like that, for example you should check out guild wars2 , it really is about player skill, reaction, dodging and movement.

  5. Zuriel Renovamen

    @LordMagtheridon GW2 will be epic for awhile =D but it wont live forever.

  6. J.Taurens

    @yuzhuhiko nothing lives forever, besides first gw kept me playing it for 6 years, I'm sure that the second one will keep for just as long, if not longer.

  7. Zuriel Renovamen

    @LordMagtheridon im sure u like the dynamic event eystem right ^^? me too~

  8. Zuriel Renovamen

    @LordMagtheridon the pvp system in GW2 is awesome !!!!!

  9. ZaPewPew

    son, this game rocks!

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