archeage | | gameplay | livegameplay | 720p

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  1. AutumnJKD

    i could watch this all day and pretend i'm playing!

  2. KazakovOleg

    Water looks amazing!

  3. Bruno

    Game is beautiful but why the giant weapons? Just make realistic ones.

  4. AutumnJKD

    @brurr no way!! just picture you killing a giant troll with an AXE 10 times bigger than yourself!!! Yah… that's what i'm talking about!

  5. weapon256zero

    charakters and their animations look retarded, lineage 2 has better looking and animated chars -and its engine is 10 years old. not impressed.

  6. Scott

    @weapon256zero If you didnt realize it, the creator of lineage 1, whom was also the lead programmer of lineage2 is creating ArcheAge with his own company that he started. So if you did a little research youd find out that this time around, ArcheAge is featuring tons more content but at the cost of lesser quality, but this is a great idea for MMOs.. Why not have the content there.. Then polish it up after launch instead of making players pay for expansions of content that shouldve been in already

  7. weapon256zero

    @daimyo21 One of the creators of Lineage 2 created his own company to work on ArcheAge would be more correct. Others are working right now on BladenSoul i.e., just saying.
    Anyways: what does that change about the fact that the Charakters and their animations are looking retarded?

  8. BasedGod Montymont

    @weapon256zero Not really, you know you can just NOT look at your characters face… right? besides you can make a damn boat and build a house!! whats there NOT to like. besides the combat system, and another thing.. its not even fucking done so be patient more?? really i would play this more then lineage 2 (and yes i have it)

  9. Lallari100

    any English servers? in this game?

  10. Hartigan Rorschach

    This is the next generation of mmorpg,no way to spit BS over this game

    Btw that was about time for a mmo like this

  11. KyHJIuHryc

    Твоя мамка так же сказала, когда тебя родила.

  12. Александр Кочетов

    The elder scrolls online the best mmo!!!!!

  13. megurine luka

    igra och xoroshaya ona ne nadoest bistro esli chelovek igrat umeet

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