Anvil Gameplay Roguelike Top-Down Shooter HD

Anvil Vault Breakers CBT just started yesterday. The game gets really challenging later on you can actually get one-shotted by bosses and mobs, especially in the 3-star difficulty regions. They enabled multiplayer today for those wanting to try the game out with a friend.

Anvil Vault Breakers Steam Page

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00:00 Pew pew pew pew
00:05 Playable Characters
01:58 Ranged Gameplay
07:56 Melee Gameplay Counter OP

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  1. Uldan1988

    Looks like Kill Suqad

  2. Tora-Ky

    " ive just saw a spell" a black hole wich pulls enemies near you with lifesteal, too broken, ive saw 2/3 spell with lifesteal, unbalanced af

  3. Tora-Ky

    in my opinion they should remove the " movement between planets" and make a single dungeon with more mobs and chaos, moving looks annoying if you try to make a grind gaming section

  4. Edward Elric

    topdown destiny huh

  5. Germality

    this looks really cool

  6. Vylir

    Roguelike is probably my favorite genre, really cool to learn of this. Onto my Wishlist it goes!

  7. Jeeroy Lenkins

    ''Just try and stop us'' Yeah, hopefully they get some more voice lines…Not sure about the roguelike either would prefer actual RPG progression which was a problem with Killsquad.

  8. ArkOne

    This seems vaguely familiar. Is this based on a phone game?

  9. some guy some guy

    No longer need Lost Ark haha !

  10. Paradox Wolf

    This game is a lot of fun but I find myself crashing in it every few minutes despite being above the recommended specs. Did you have any stability issues?

  11. Robert Schäffer

    I will be interested when they introduce local coop

  12. ihavecrabs56

    anyone else find the difference between the first 3 girls armor and the rest of the cast? LOL

  13. Shenbalafaza

    And how do I find these games? If I don't see your channel I never find out, on Steam it is not that they are promoting it
    Oh by the way, thanks for your videos

  14. Seiren J

    This game looks so much like a mobile game that was shut down called Gigantic X… maybe they sold the ip?

  15. 0622Jazzper

    The mobile version is called "Gigantic X". Only manage to play a bit before the servers went down in the mobile version. The gameplay isn`t bad, game just lack content.

  16. cptknight

    thanks for bringing this game to my watchlist!


    Looks like an Alienation clone.

  18. Wilder Arturo

    me recuerda un poco al desaparecido y eliminado por Nexon: Ascendant One!😥

  19. Astaroth

    I swear I played this on mobile a while back?? Or am I losing my mind?

  20. Yang Shane

    the female ones looks cool, bet the males is with to much armor and almost the same…

  21. mj

    This used to be a mobile game. I forgot the name. Had so much fun with it and was sad it closed down. Glad it's back and on PC!

  22. Nightmare

    Thank you for showing the game!

  23. Derael Evans

    So many top down games and I’m here for it all lost ark, red solice 2 , the ascent and this game 🙌🏾

  24. Reine Loic

    Thanks so much for this video! Went right over to steam and requested access to playtest, and immediately got in! Excited to play!

  25. MasterMike

    I'm playing too and I am having fun with it! Show us a solo 3 star vid! :D

  26. Lucky amas

    @steparu I love how you're a no nonsense gameplay. you show gameplay and push the games to their limit to show players what they can do. I think more youtubers need to be more like you. you let the players decided whether they want to like it or not just by how you push the games to there limits and how you play. you don't waste you time trying to convince someone about your opinions on a game. I love it! keep going step I love your videos, and have been a fan for a very long time.

  27. Mateo Mateo

    Truly thank you for introducing this game Step :). Love Rogue likes, this is now on my radar!!!!

  28. Gay Islamic Communist

    Everyday we stray further from Rogue.

  29. RA7581

    она кричит — гравицапа? :)

  30. tv lkn

    Hey this looks neat, reminds me a lot of Killsquad, but with better mechanics and more interesting gameplay (and normalised audio), at least from what you've shown anyway. I'll have to check it out, cheers for the preview, this wasn't even on my radar!

  31. Giovani L.


    I'm running to play

  32. Vikkron X

    ftp on release?

  33. Shaaka JAKAL

    it gigantic x just pc version mobs,weapon same

  34. Rs Lina

    freaking great take dude.. you gonna love those curves especially those guns xD like like

  35. Gamers Thumbs

    Thank you for the showcase of this game.. Downloading it now. much appreciated

  36. Björn Brunstorp

    Combats looks smooth tbh!

  37. Calabouço Geek

    remember me paragon…

  38. Yashiro

    If only Warhammer40k INQ had this kind of graphics and fluid gameplay…

  39. Jay Angelo De Asis

    Is this GiganticX on mobile?

  40. Nguyen Huy

    There was a mobile version called giganticX. Sadly it closed after 1 month release.

  41. Sophie Sai

    Exact like GiganticX….awesome game

  42. God

    Why do all the women barely wear anything while every man in the game has so much armor on that they could survive a meteor shower?

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