Anthem Storm Gameplay Swarm Tyrant Hard Mode Boss

I’ve always wanted to try out this game, here is my Magneto cosplay XD~!
If this was an Asian game, it would be a lewd half human Spider chick. — VIP Demo Weekend — TPS B2P

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Комментариев: 43
  1. Tom

    Where are the anime girls

  2. Zyuhninjn

    is this recorded on pc or consoles?

  3. Othman zodiac

    a shity version of warframe

  4. Ato

    if only the servers weren't dying the entire time

  5. Jaron Schipper

    I do like the sound of that gun!!

  6. Nightmare

    Ew shitthem haha
    Id rather reinstall Warframe
    Edit: That garbage is hard mode boss 😂 Archwing is trillions of light years better

  7. Jin Wataru

    this game seems boring af

  8. Dioxety

    Warframe is better but this game is alright.

  9. JP_ 4G

    You got to the last boss in hard mode? Daaamn everyone 1shot me on hard mode lol

  10. Riza Adhitya

    better graphic than warframe i guess, for now
    idk about the content, it still demo after all

  11. Mayberry_

    Destiny 3 ? raid?

  12. Nik Layons

    Hi Steparu. So, what you can say, its like Destiny or something different? Looks like 3rd person Destiny for me. If it plays like Destiny can you say what is better?

  13. Gieron 667

    this is mass effect andromeda in disguise … you guys see that right ?

  14. DeityVengy

    this game needs pvp on top of challenging pve. Otherwise games like the division and warframe do it better

  15. hasby assidiqy

    Do not buy this game until full release! Or just throw ur luck again and being dumb to trust ur money to EA!

  16. just wanna use youtube

    how are you enjoying the game, step?

  17. Jason Scott

    BGM is a boring 7 second loop, and even in hard mode it seems like there's no risk of dying, or even getting hit tbh. Hopefully they make some changes, this game is looking rough in every category other than graphics

  18. Bogdan Chirescu

    First time i saw you plaing a game that is not asian

  19. Dvoid

    Thanks for showcasing the game, I was wondering how Anthem would look like.

    Not very impressive so far, does look a lot like ME Andromeda, same engine and developer after all, and does resemble Destiny 1&2. Seems stiffer than Warframe.

    But maybe because it should be early game? We'll see.

  20. Beiboncé

    I miss lost planet 2

  21. Theus

    Is the demo available to everyone? I thought EA was only giving demo keys to specific famous youtubers

  22. devilmvn

    this is the odd love child of warframe and destiny

  23. Jianto

    Looks like destiny

  24. Glanz

    Annoying echoes collecting lol

  25. Realtus Maximus

    I didn't know MAG could fly while shooting off the infested.

    …oh, wait. WRONG GAME!

  26. Taimatsu

    This game was awesome to play on my pc I had a crap ton of fun.

  27. 9BeastKing

    Wow this is different for you step lol

  28. Chjonne

    This game look more like a copy of destiny 2 and that game are great but hard if you don't have aby friends like me

  29. Brandon Stark


  30. Milo

    what is this, EA?

  31. Donny Ajie Ramadhan

    The sound doesnt have much impact does it?

  32. Krivetz BUGATEG

    Hard mode? Huh send me ex ex extreme…maybe it will be normal.

  33. Christopher Johnson

    I only got to play the game one time. Kept freezing glitching on me and loading sim

  34. Christopher Johnson

    I bet this is pc or one x

  35. Christopher Johnson

    This game would be ok with friends and if it actually works

  36. LuLuBaby

    Thx for this one pass haha

  37. Jj Chen

    Game needs loli harems. Instead of controlling just one exo suit. It should be 4 or 5. One protagonist and 4 other loli females.

  38. RAV3N

    I’m lovin’ the Magneto colour scheme!

  39. Josh Wendle


  40. John Smith

    EA shilling so hard they even got step to play their slow warframe clone

  41. DragonAlex

    Strom seems to be easy mode and Interceptor hard mode in all things…

  42. Nathan Lough

    I don’t think a storm should be using two detonating abilities. A storms supposed to be up in the sky, not down in the ground using its melee to detonate its combos

  43. Allen Clarke

    Is the PS4 crashing bug fixed? ‘Cause I want to make sure it’s okay before purchasing this game.

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