Another Eden Time Travel JRPG — Combat System Gameplay — Random Bosses

JRPG from the writer of Chrono Trigger, CCross, and Xenogears.
I’ve been playing this game on and off since release XD. — Android — iOS — Free — No Auto-Play

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Комментариев: 23
  1. Mystichunter

    omfg you got 3 5 star pulls? lucky

  2. RhapsodyRain

    Slippy Toad, is that you? Notification Squad!

  3. Science Leponi

    some damn good voice acting D= wonder how hard it would be to make an English patch for mobile games…

  4. RaiRai

    I want Shion T_T

  5. Dream L.

    Oh this game. Just downloaded it from QooApp lol and it doesn't look really good at first.

  6. FLOU

    yo steparu i love your vids man keep up the good work <3 … do you know any coop mobile games like this one by any chance ? i would love to play something like this with my friends !

  7. SpardaTheDevil

    damn, i will forget about this game 100 times before it comes out for eu. >_>

  8. Rageous Gray

    What on earth is Slippy Toad doing here?

  9. Freikugel

    Wow that artwork :O

  10. Selling Soul 5 Bucks

    Wow from legendary AAA console rpg's to trashy mobile games….How the mighty have fallen

  11. Dionne Llamado

    best battle bgm on most android i'd play but man… you'd gone way beyond now.

  12. Shamar Boyd

    any games like cross sumoner /final sky hated that they canceled it

  13. Vindrael

    that voice… it's seems oddly familiar….

  14. AngelYuki

    Oh yay, another guraburu lookalike.

  15. Keith Donovan

    It's kinda sad to see him doing a cellphone game rather than a proper console/PC game release, but.. those graphics, god, they're so fricking cute.

  16. TheTsdfsunco


  17. Golden Tiramisu

    at 2:09 i love how that dino dancing to the song

  18. Hayabusa Sanomoe Ch. 隼サノモエ

    lol the same Frog croack

  19. Lucas Gill

    Is it really THE Frog??

  20. Vaughny Knight

    what translator do you use to play? and do you use nox?

  21. NumberZ Letter0

    this game dont have english?

  22. Fenrir

    The soundtrack in this game is so good. Reminds me of the ol good jrpg back then

  23. Thành Đạt

    Look like danmachi.

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