Another Eden JRPG — Chapter 22 Boss — The Beast’s Lair — OMG Feene!?『アナザーエデン 時空を超える猫』

Finally got to rescue Feene or..!? Wish the game was fully-voiced.
The boss does 9,9999 damage instant KO at 10%, need to burst it. — Game Updated Tomorrow!

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Комментариев: 29
  1. psynk

    what emulator are u using?

  2. BogdanMihai: KwzyBro

    Luv ur gameplays :)

  3. Ferrick

    tfw I've been getting nothing good from 10 rolls… ;w;, not even one 5*

  4. garcyber

    Steparu, did you understand japanese? when this game come to english?

  5. ◀A.G.E▶

    chibi Style

  6. Riyojin23

    is there a group in fb?

  7. hiddenbruh

    it has a Final Fantasy feel to it, Me gusta

  8. Mikazuki


  9. Astres Desu

    Darkest Dungeon kawaii! %)

  10. Suyuua

    did korea give up mmo? It seems they don't release mmo anymore?

  11. Kraator

    This new Granblue looks interesting

  12. chuck

    wow this game looks so pretty . , tooo bad i cant read japanese ;_;

  13. RaiRai

    Resources are extremely limited in this game for F2P, gems get scarce after awhile like 50 pulls so pray to RNGesus that your first 50 pulls are good. After that you will have to live on the daily free 20 gem they give you. Post game is pretty much near impossible without Mariel or that other glasses guy healer. The main story is a breeze if you have either of them, especially Mariel who can cut all magic damage by 50%. Otherwise the gameplay is enjoyable and the story is pretty reminiscent of classic JRPGs, definitely recommended

  14. RaiRai

    Oooo the Nekozuki another force, I see that you are a connoisseur :3

  15. Kakauetx

    Sorry but how can i play this?

  16. Vindrael

    well what do you think about this step. i once tried it and got impression that this is mostly single player game. but it cause not responding most of the time so i give it up

  17. maximo12letras

    Steparu, have you tried Brown dust?

  18. Taya Tong

    wo steperu how much lucky or money you sepnt on this? …4×5 stars chrs…? i am not sure if the support are 5 star…getting 5 star in this game is same as fate/go

  19. Shinobi Justice

    Steparu do you see a chance for this game to be translated?

  20. Capitão Kira

    omg♥♥♥ im crying now :'(

  21. Hope Basden

    Is there an english version of this game??

  22. Lune

    Looks Really Good 😀

  23. 청춘풀파워

    제발 한국에 한국어로 출시해주세요!

  24. goldenducky12

    Is this game really grindy? Looks like a nice alternative to GBF.

  25. Raydeus

    So what's the backstory here? Is Artena supposed to be a bad guy? And why is Feene willingly fusing with her?

    Also, kind of amazing how no one minds that lil sis just tried to kill them all. Heck, Aldo even got more crap than her afterwards.

  26. kappachino

    How important are 5* in this game? i just finished chapter 7 and finally got 1000 gems, sadly i didn't pull any 5* or 4* that can evo to 5.

  27. Selman Arslanoglu

    Kinda like the proportional changes in the bossfights. Looks good but a bit unpolished. Maybe meant to be played fullscreen on PC… and yeah not having voices is a massive bummer.

  28. John Knight

    Have they made an English language button in the options yet. If so anybody feel like showing us lol

  29. soni taka

    game PC or Mobile ?

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