Alchemia Story English Ver. Anime MMORPG — Character Customization & Prologue — Mobile

The English version of Alchemia Story is now available for download!
I enjoyed playing the Japanese version for a bit was F2P friendly XD.
Some issues with mail & shop changing the time to Tokyo fixes it~!

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Комментариев: 34
  1. Power

    Men why they dont launch MMORPGs for PC anymore ? :(
    Its Possible to Play Mobile on a Emulator? its any good for this?

  2. Bam boo

    Asobimo <3 what do u think about combat system?

  3. Prince Malonzo

    too bad I can't bring my items lol but still love the game

  4. Tagi

    T H I C C

  5. Bs Kata

    Wow awesome i like👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  6. Yoriyuki Megumi

    Full Size?

  7. リエ

    I played this game during it's alpha test before. Its great to see this game now in English.

  8. Elemintabni

    Their mouths when they talk are…. interesting….

  9. Mobile Gaming "Rìview"

    U guy know how to make the screen stop rollate?

  10. MMOByte

    Is this confirmed to be coming out in English?

  11. Ron kevin

    This combat system reminds me of suikoden ??

  12. Mercenary128

    Steparu & Steparo
    The beggining of a beautiful wincest story (?

  13. Riyan Pane

    Why i cant change my gear? I used gatcha ticket to get 2 UR armor, but i can equip that to my chara. Any suggestions??

  14. King Kirito

    Finally English

  15. King Kirito

    But can I get my jp data well gonna play again

  16. tiredtimmy

    man the music is legit sweet for a mobile title! gonna try this tonight <3

  17. TheLiquidCat

    Age and breast slider? *Alarm bells*

  18. MakeupbySakura

    nice video steparu ! I've beeen waiting for soooo long that english release !!!

  19. Lightdark

    That moment you can't decide if you want to make a hotter version of yourself or an idol to worship

  20. Justine Peñaflor

    Hey there! I've been playing this for a day now and I was wondering if there is a guild/fam/group base in Alchemia? Nice vid btw 😁

  21. RaizenProductions

    any discord? the game has Guild system?

  22. audiencefromspace

    Oh weird, it's open world but has encounter system

  23. Rei

    Did you change your character design to a loli one? Cause i saw one in the town with the same name but a loli character, or you can use any names in the game

  24. phantombloodsoul

    dud don't. Asobimo, they are racist and don't support there English servers

  25. da da

    pls Gate of Rebellion update 🖒

  26. Critical Mass

    Any idea how to complete Magic Fencer job quest? mob has 99999 HP and hits 50000 even when blocking? English translation and text box was still so messed that i really didn't understand/couldn't read what you were supposed to do. Tried with 2h Sword as i assume it could work like Fighter quest where you had to use either fist weapons or bare had to continue the quest but that didn't work with this one.

  27. Danzin Danzibar

    I can't believe this is real. I was looking forward to this game before the Japanese release and ever since then I had my fingers crossed. I just hope it lives up to the hype I had for it

  28. Kagura

    seems like final fantasy 12 in mobile version i like it

  29. BeefBus

    can you help me how to defeat bernardo??? hes an enemy on magic fencer job class.

  30. Penguin Spider

    Hell flipped yeah.
    Anyone wanna play together?

  31. m f

    Look shit

  32. OverCreamedBuns 99

    My only concern on this is……. Them english…..
    Other person: it just release recently.
    Me: wait…. What? O well i just wait for them to de-japaneze the english sentence.

  33. Parzival2076

    I started the game, and it made me choose all the different camera settings. Now I’m stuck on operate area vertical and the next bottom is greyed out. The downloading is at 41 %. Someone pls tell me what to do.

  34. xolitaire

    I played it for a while and tbh it was horrible. For a game that keeps loading and re-loading so much data, the graphics and actual play time are a joke. Most of the time you are just teleported back and forth and battle a bit, then more teleporting. The rest of the time you are spammed with "news" about spending money in the cash shops. Yuck.

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