Aima Online (필드 액션 아이마) Town Area Tour and Skill Tree Preview

Lots of fans have been nagging me to try the male character in AIMA so I did and it is 10 times better and funner in combat compared to the magician character. I will try to upload gameplay videos of him later this week or the next.

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  1. spalafox

    plzz gameplay for this class D: !

  2. GBO2 gameplays

    0:39 = Steph getting distracted by a cute doggy.. LOL

  3. GBO2 gameplays

    1:47 = again.. steph is distracted by the cute doggy. xD

  4. Wings Red

    me gusta _P

  5. FancyKerbloops

    0:52 DA PURPYYY. :c I want it.

  6. iMoxy Gaming


  7. 86Corvus

    im highly unimpressed by this game

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