Aima Chronicle of Terahnoir Tutorial Save The Chained Up Girl

First Look Closed Beta Test 1 — Tutorial Gameplay
More videos this week should I play the male chars instead?

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  1. Justas Sakutis


  2. Chrises

    double meh!

  3. xDrac

    quadro meh!

  4. hovsep56

    i think i know what the goblins wanted with that npc if you know what im saying

  5. Justas Sakutis

    no idea

  6. Dark Wish

    any news on Dungeon strikers or core masters coming to europe?

  7. Ryan Southgate

    can u rotate the camera or is it stuck like that?

  8. Ngon1420

    This looks like the first Cabal version

  9. Sung

    Blade&Soul Please =/

  10. Bedwyr

    *cross fingers*

  11. MRx RABBIT

    playing a female is more fun it's a good choice getting sleepy if my character is male XD

  12. snsdsone

    Is this game action based?

  13. Andrew McGarden

    what's the max lvl on current version?

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