Addicted to Apex Legends Lifeline Gameplay and My Random Highlights

Already uninstalled all my other Battle Royale games for this one XD.
I’m really enjoying this game a lot, I need to play some Anthem soon. — Battle Royale — F2P

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Комментариев: 37
  1. Yane Satsuki

    :3c ~
    shotgun in this game can shoot in 100m away more better than sniper www

  2. Nightmare


  3. juan david montoya valencia

    Are you gonna keep uploading just this ??? If that so I'm done with this channel .

  4. 식은감자

    Hi my friend! Im a lufeon korea friend :) im playing too apex! XD
    But Beginner :(

  5. dream

    I posted a video with the apex legends as songs! Please check it out

  6. # Aldercapt

    apex is the best

  7. Easy Vwj

    Steparu has good gaming chair

  8. Casual Gamers Online

    Gosh.. I am addicted too… lol. Apex delays all my video uploading… I even dream about it when I sleep. Haha :)

  9. Balbaneth

    step why is everyone afraid of your heal drone? lol

  10. Waxing Moon


  11. The Greatest Comeback

    Lets play Steparu I need some friends in Asia server :(

  12. Loneliness4ever

    wats yr ideal weapon choice stepaur :0?

  13. Banzai

    You like apex legend steparu?

  14. Hung Le

    can someone nerf ste plsss

  15. Jypixel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    r.I.p. — fornite

  16. Eddie Strike

    This isn't a weeb game :( we have been betrayed by our sensei

  17. Isacraft 24

    Respawn Entertainment should have done something really good to even make you go out of your comfort zone(Asian mmo games ofc) Steparu ^^

  18. Kyanpufa Lolifox

    Is that reviving shield automatic? If so that is something new. Good quality video always Step.

  19. liberator48

    EA and Origin are instant no-no's.

  20. Shadoum

    you know its a good game when step is addiacted to it :D

  21. Diogo Hipólito

    You also use peacekeeper and wingman, those two are so broken. I always go for them xD

  22. Nhut Minh

    I thought ur gonna play wairthfu instead :))

  23. dougfax

    Lifeline mains assemble

  24. Bs Kata

    Do your best ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  25. Astralaris

    I really want to play this, really!
    But Tera Classic servers are only till end of March!!!!!

  26. Tory

    If you ever looking for someone to play with steparu I'm a wraith/bloodhunt main =] — ToryJJ origin.
    800+ kills 200k+ damage on wraith, only 200 kills or so on bloodhunt though sadly.

  27. IllusionNconfusion

    Why don't you stream?

  28. divad

    it got you addicted too? dam Apex is going strong rn, that's good.

  29. Astronaut

    All of the "Highlights" are with the shitty unballanced peace keeper. much skill, very pro.

  30. L A N T E R N

    Anthem & Apex are gonna be my go to games this year

  31. Nurul Fikri

    Is there any mirror download for this? My download stuck in the middle with 0B even tho i can do youtube or download other than this just fine :(

    Really want to try this game so bad

  32. Mobile Players

    Soso gameplay plus the game graphics isn't that good. How did you got addicted to it?

  33. Tsuyumin

    what dpi/sensitivity do you use and I'm curious about gear too, like mouse and keyboard, just curious :)

  34. Ef Five

    Needs more asian dialogue I cant understand

  35. Jianto

    This better than ring of elysium?

  36. Brendan Van

    wait wtf that lifeline alternate finisher is BRUTAL LOL

  37. Tory

    I see apex is still balanced around shotgun+ other weapon

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