Abyss Horizon — Aircraft Carriers and Character Skill Previews — Mobile

I randomly got one of the hidden units from 3,000 medal shop XD.
Might as well make a new gameplay with new character previews!
https://abyss.morningtec.jp/ — Mobile — 3D Anime Ship Girls — F2P

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Комментариев: 25
  1. JinNJuice

    First? Hi Steparu!

  2. Cornelius Xaxier

    ;-; still waiting for global release

  3. GianTehGreat

    hello! im early! GIVE ME A HI OR YOU WILL BE A WEEB!

  4. Enhanced Nero

    Does this game have anything to do with Kantai Collection?

  5. NijigenK

    looks better that kancolle !! will you make a video if this game can get a global version?

  6. Fariz Zulfahmi

    Too much animation for my taste and my battery life…
    *It looks good though

  7. Sakujo


  8. 666

    Aircraft carriers r good in pvp too, esp with Kaga in it

  9. Dream Is Fun

    step guide me plz how to game im currently stuck at lv 20 q.q

  10. Felix Hoklay

    World of Warship WOTA Anjingggggg

  11. MWSamekh

    Those missile barrages and strafing/bombing runs look awesome. Really hoping for an English version but I might just pick it up regardless

  12. Karl Souza

    Horrible game wtf

  13. Renaldy Rizky

    Any minimun requirment to play this?

  14. Shadzin

    10:51 Wow Steparu…

  15. J Matt379

    Blatant Rip off. How sad.

  16. Shirota

    They did away with the superior Japanese jets

  17. ณัฎฐวัฒน์ เศวตพงษ์

    well,to bad most of game play same with kan colle Acade….Im bet these company gonna get hit really hard with lawsuit. lol


  18. Emperors Finest

    Lol SEGA just filed a lawsuit over this game.They released a statement on the SEGA official twitter, I wouldn't be putting too much money into this game.

  19. Himitsugawa

    did you see that? They used to shoot from main battery guns! Amazing! When this game comes out? Any info???

  20. Himitsugawa

    Stop teasing me! Weird japanese… Now i won't sleep normally until release of this game! But there are already been told that this game won't come out ever!…

  21. BrDFnick3

    it's kancolle arcade, but mobile version, and free to play.

    also with modern jets, and missiles.

  22. Placido Penitente

    And this is the reason why everyone is scrambling to get Carriers in WW2 and afterwards.

  23. Raihan Rizki


  24. Lord M3s

    I won't be able to sleep after I watch this video. I hope they make a global version of this game

  25. OppaiYuiChan

    which one is the better build, all Aircraft Carriers or all BB (main gun)

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