A Certain Magical Index MORPG Gameplay Mobile 魔法禁书目录(测试服)

Yay, it’s finally in beta! Fully voiced with story cutscenes.
Open-world elements in the city, questing, dungeons, etc.
http://bilibili.163.com/ — Mobile — MORPG — Android
https://www.taptap.com/app/49694 — Download Beta Limited Slots

Once you download the game, you’ll need to create or login your free Chinese Netease account. After you login in the game for the first time, it will ask for your phone number, doesn’t need to be valid. I just scrolled down and selected Canada or USA with +1 as the starting phone code. Once you get through this it’s fine, it’s really not that hard. I was able to beat through all the settings without knowing Chinese at all.

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  1. Nasch

    what is this? xd

  2. Aldhy Sumara

    oaaaaaaa you brake my bike..

  3. Xanmoas Livestreams

    when highschoolers take on the world

  4. Zwei Ein

    whats that? touma new power? i dun see it in the anime

  5. XXI Krullie

    Europe release date?

  6. RageGoria

    Did i just spoil myself with all those touma's new moves from the first 30 secs.
    no regrets tbh, they're cool.

  7. Neil Clarence Raloso

    it's like soul worker, but with ToAru chars and mobile

  8. LUCAS*27

    Esse jogo Vai ser Bom De mais

  9. ShadowViper7Z *Shadvi7Z*

    soooo…im reading the manga soon

  10. luis alvarez

    It's a pain in the ass create an account in netease ask for a valid phone number and a code that is supposed to be sent to the phone number someone knows an easier way

  11. Titanic Tuna

    As a fan of the franchise I need this in my life!

  12. Boris

    from my perspective its like dynasty warriors + pantsu lol

  13. Keyos

    Thugs falling from the sky. Awesome

  14. Anglish Sligna

    Is this really a "massive" online rpg or just an online rpg?

  15. Meowian Overlord

    Hey Steparu >:D Do you still use Nox?

  16. Reiwa Alien

    uhh… english?

  17. Edwin Caleb Lenon

    how to download dis game??

  18. Zo AMVs

    Can anyone tell me how to login please

  19. UsefulLeaf 18

    Do you need a qq account to play this

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