《Vgame》 Anime Action RPG — HD Gameplay — Mobile

Trying out this game since it has a Rusty Hearts & Soul Worker vibe.
Some of the game music also sounds good, I wonder if they’re original.
http://www.diyiyou.com/xiazai/52266.html — Mobile — Android — Action RPG

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  1. Steparu

    For those asking CBT download link.

  2. hidenshinzou

    Lots of devs are starting to use this kind of graphics with less polygons but they are still mobile games so the controls arent that good and the gameplay still feels a bit "not console" like playing with plastic toys instead of metal toys

  3. Lemon force

    i miss Rusty Hearts :(

  4. Luís Felipe gamison honizor

    Awesom geme.

  5. Basil Homadi

    Is it online or offline?

  6. Peppeloni but without peppeloni

    You sure this isn't mihoyo game?

  7. Yuuko Chan

    Failed login 😭😭

  8. audiencefromspace

    Looks a lot inspired by Honkai Impact. Still looks good!

  9. Dylan

    Man it sucks theyre making cool games for mobile, i hate playing mobile!

  10. Duke Nemean

    anyone know where to get an apk for this ?

  11. Trix

    Honkai × Persona
    I'm still getting it though.

  12. Justine Matthew De Leon

    Any news for English version

  13. ai i

    Vibes of Persona 5, SoulWorker, and Honkai Impact from this. I'd love to play it but if it's another waifus-only game then
    I'm gonna skip it.

  14. Francis Pachuau

    This looked like a game collab from the creators of HI3 and Persona game

  15. RN A

    It's like Honkai Impact 3rd

  16. udin-san

    the character animation doesn't look that good. Maybe it's because I play Honkai Impact 3..

  17. Justine Matthew De Leon

    How can I bypass the registration of real info?
    Im done at name and passport
    But I can't get pass the contact info always says "Not valid"

  18. Rizky Darussalam

    How to login this game bro?

  19. Rizky Darussalam

    please, make a video when your login

  20. Subscribe. Just fucking subscribe

    does taptap app have this?

  21. An Cahyo

    Wew its awesome,

  22. Andhi Saputra

    did you know what is game, i want to download

  23. Nyx Akihiro

    Is this an English Version?

  24. Rizky Raya Paringkas

    honkai impact?

  25. azizanuar53

    size ?

  26. Zero Regrets

    How do you dodge (or block)? Is it a dragging motion (like Bleach Brave Souls) or is it with a button (like in Honkai Impact 3)?

  27. Hikari Hakai

    Look good but wish it had japanese dub since this just sound weird for me

  28. flauros selbstmord

    this game has remove :'(

  29. wellington larrosa

    emulator ?? name ?

  30. wellington larrosa

    because I can not download this game says that it has been removed.

  31. jiren tapo

    where to download this game http://www.diyiyou.com/xiazai/52266.html has nothing no download link

  32. WaffleSSSSSPLUS

    is it just me or is the link dead?

  33. Erisuro

    The game title should be honkai impact:after story

  34. Raidou Kuzunoha


  35. 致命的玩笑


  36. slice of anything2

    Cant understand anything when english released

  37. Apple Idol

    where can be download? or isnt yet thanks

  38. marclee82

    if only it wasn't a gacha? I have insanely horrible luck at gachas so Im done with them. But looks good

  39. Epic Paimon

    Damn it i cant imagine in 2020 what kind of mobile game is going to come out…and the price of the phone to play these kind of games

  40. Agung Basuda

    this game looks insanely good

  41. S, Yabest Dominiq

    Hmm…. Honkai impact make my phone slowly. Hahahaha….. If i download this game. Hmm maybe my phone is blow up, nonono i just kidding.

  42. Xgamer 19

    When is the global release for this game

  43. Phúc Bell

    This game is never as well as honkai impact 3

  44. ChaCha Channel

    Is an english release gonna be soon? Anybody? Pls tell me.

  45. もりさんじん


  46. Hotaru Akatsuky

    Como creo la cuenta nadie a esplicado como de es aser ase un video de eso pls

  47. Joniel Ferrer

    Is there and english version coming up?

  48. U. Kw1

    Can't wait for eng version

  49. Mohammed Alssamra'ey

    What the heck happened to the comment section and recommend videos list???

  50. Marceline The Vampire Queen

    So much different

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